VIDEO: Michigan State Police Confiscate Voting Machine From Adams Township Clerk!
ADAMS TWP-  Today, the Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson sent an investigator and two state troopers with a warrant to retrieve the computer portion of the tabulator from the office of Stephanie Scott, who is the Adams Township Clerk. The State of Michigan plans on prosecuting Scott with a misdemeanor.

Earlier this week, Scott received a letter dated October 25th from the Secretary of State’s office from the Director of Elections, Jonathan Brater, releasing Scott of any work pertaining to elections. The letter describe her violations below:
  • You claim that the test  deck  for  the Logic and  Accuracy  Test  (L&A  Test)  was “incomplete”  for  the March  2021  election,  and you do not  believe  the  tabulators  were properly tested for  the  November  2020 election  because  in your  estimation, in order  to do so  the  test  deck would have  had to include  over  200 million ballots. You also  claim  that the test  decks  were  prepared  by Election Source,  which you found concerning.   
  • You do not  wish  to participate  in L&A  Testing for  the  November  2021  election  because you believe  it  could  somehow  destroy  information  that is  on the  tabulator  now.  
  • You do not  want  to allow  preventative  maintenance  to be  performed on your  tabulator because you  claim  not  to  know  who will  be  doing it  and it  might  be  Election Source.  You are also  concerned  that, during preventative  maintenance,  data  on the  tabulator  may somehow  be  erased.  
  • You claim  you  were  instructed by the  Bureau of  Elections  to destroy the  electronic pollbook  “data.”   All  electronic  pollbook data  is  printed in paper  form  on election night. That  information is  then placed in the  paper  poll  book and retained  for  22 months  after  the  certification  of the election. 
  • You are  concerned  with  using a Hart tabulator  because  of  a  2007 report  you found online regarding the Hart Intercivic Rally voting system. 
  • You are  concerned  that  the modem  is  somehow  turned  on and the  machine  is  somehow connected to the  internet  on election day.   
  • You claim the  Bureau of  Elections  instructed clerks  to destroy the  chain of  custody of ballots  and said that  ballots  can be  stored  anywhere. Additionally, you  claim you  are reluctant  to review  the  paper  ballots  from  November  2020  so as  not  to  “break”  chain of custody of  the  ballots. 

Letters From Michigan Secretary Of State

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    Scott was removed from her election responsibilities because of her questioning the authenticity of the tabulators and integrity of their county’s voting machines.
    In the Adams Township Meeting on October 11, 2021, Scott expressed her concerns about the tabulators. She describes the Public Accuracy Tests in which the pubic is allowed to watch the clerk test voting machines. Scott stated the minimum amount of ballots in order to properly test the machines is 16. This was back in March of 2021. When Scott received her her test packet back from the county, it only contained seven ballots, in which she expressed her concern to the county clerk. The clerk stated, “That’s what we get.”

    Scott questioned the clerk, asking who has the authority to authorize the amount of ballots get received? All the clerk could mention was that the “print house” prints all these ballots, and they determine how many ballots they get in order to to test these machines. Since there was a lack of ballots to test the machine, Scott and Mark Nichols, the township supervisor, ran the 7 ballots but contested it due to lack of ballots. This is why the State accuses Scott of not completing the Public Accuracy Testing.

    Back in February, Scott stated all the county clerks were sent a letter from the Michigan Bureau of Elections stating the could destroy their chain of custody from the November 2020 election. She expresses her concern with this stating, “We have a legal obligation to store these ballots and preserve them for 22 months.” The chain of custody is part of the ballot. 

    You can watch the meeting here:

    Stephanie Scott is currently preparing a statement tomorrow with her attorney present. So what is the State of Michigan and the Secretary of State hiding? 

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