LIVINGSTON COUNTY- Moms for Liberty of Livingston County has officially been canceled by a billboard company. 

Jennifer Smith, chapter chair of Moms for LIberty of Livingston had arranged, paid for, and was approved to have three digital billboards put up within the local area by a company called Blip. This is the ad that was to run:

A day later when the billboards were to go live, Smith visited each billboard location to only find disappointment. After waiting for a half-hour at each site, the Moms for Liberty advertisement never appeared. 

Smith’s account on social media states:

“I called. Emailed and no one responded to either it’s been all day I’ve waited.
I just received this email.
They refunded me and canceled my order because they deemed it to be negative and political. Rejected.” 
Even with the addition of “paid for by.”
We attempted to call Blip for comment but was not able to connect with anyone. 

Smith further goes on to say, “It’s very discouraging to constantly battle censorship and cancel culture when all we are doing is standing up for our kids and their liberties.”

In the meantime, Moms for Liberty of Livingston County is pursuing another company to display their message.

What do you think about a company choosing censorship over freedom?  Comment below!


  1. Don’t act like you’re entitled to it. They’ve joined the woke lefties in making patriotic Americans persona non grata – in their own country!

    Put on your big girl pants and FIGHT BACK. Tell everyone and every business you know that Blip is behaving like a communist organization or a communist sympathizer and shame on anyone who does business with them. They are clearly anti-American and should be shunned by all patriotic Americans who cherish the Bill of Rights.

    1. It the bluster, Phil. Your premise that Moms for Liberty need to puts to put on there big girl pants and just let everyone know what is happening is… nuts!

      What do you think they are doing???

  2. Any company that won’t stand with Moms protecting their children will not get my business.

  3. If you are truly Moms “For Liberty,” then you should be applauding this private company’s FREEDOM to not have to advertise for a group that it either disagrees with or just doesn’t want to get entangled with.

    You are putting them in an impossible situation because they could face bad publicity from your opponents (and revenue loss) if they displayed ads for MFL.

    Advocates for LIBERTY should not be forcing a private enterprise to pick a side. It’s not censorship if it’s not the government doing it. It’s individual freedom.

    1. entangled with!! Nice choice of words. You are the definition of hypocrisy.

    2. God, I can’t stand you people and your libertarian gibberish. The kind of diarrhea that comes out of your mouth is Santa Claus-type stuff. You cuckservative lolbergs need to go crawl back under someone’s corporate boot and choke on your own shit.

  4. I am really disappointed that a pro-Liberty group deleted my comment, and that you are criticizing a private entity’s FREEDOM to not display a message that it either disagrees with or just wants to stay neutral on.

    If you owned a billboard company, wouldn’t you expect the right to reject leftist political or religious ads that you didn’t support?

    That isn’t “censorship,” just like you deleting my initial comment isn’t censorship. It may be disheartening, but it is your right.

    1. Muh freedoms

      You know, it isn’t up to some private company to regulate the first amendment. This isn’t about freedom of speech for some company. This is about a private company oppressing your speech and the government not doing anything about it. The government is obligated to protect free speech, not simply disallowed from curtailing it.

      You cuckservative lolbergs would do better just dropping the charade and joining the traitor left. Maybe if you took a second to stop sucking corporate dick because you’re a mindless consumer Shitmerican then maybe you could come be on the right side of history.

      Take your corporate defense and blow it out your ass, you traitor scum.

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