Antifa March in Seattle, Assaulting People and Damaging Businesses




Antifa members and people with the Black Lives Matter movement marched in Seattle late Wednesday, assaulting people and inflicting damage on multiple businesses, according to reporters and live streamers on the ground.

Video footage showed black-clad people assaulting others with ice and mace who were recording the march.

Several clips showed one man riding a bicycle spraying a canister of mace at a small group who reporters said were leaving the march.

Katie Daviscourt of the Post Millenial reported that over 10 people were assaulted, including herself. She posted some videos of the assaults.

While Seattle police officers were present at certain times during the night, “they made zero arrests even after witnessing the assaults themselves,” she added in a tweet.

The Seattle Police Department didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Videos and photographs were also released showing damage done to businesses, including a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Other people out at night disputed the characterization of the event. One, an independent journalist who supports Antifa, said she threw a snowball at a live streamer but only after he maced a crowd and followed her around. She also said he filmed the faces of the so-called black bloc, a core group of Antifa members, despite them asking him to not do so.

One of the participants was identified by Antifa expert Andy Ngo as a known Antifa activist.

Participants had promoted the march with a post that stated, “Stand up. Fight back,” with picture of a black fist outlined in red.

Marchers were upset about police officers this week shooting dead a man who was armed with a knife and moved toward them.

The incident took place late Tuesday.

Around the time the march took place, police officials released body camera video and audio of a 911 call from the shooting.

The call showed Port of Seattle officers alerting police that there was a “suicidal subject” with a knife to his neck. The man was described as a white male wearing a black coat and black pants.

The man, confronted by officers, refused to get down on the ground and surrender the weapon, according to the body camera footage. As he moved toward the officers, they fired the fatal shots.

The officers were placed on administrative leave as an investigation into the shooting takes place.

Antifa has remained active this year, primarily holding events on the West Coast. Activists used snow to block police vehicles over the weekend in Seattle; in Portland last week, they smashed windows and chucked snowballs at police officers.


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