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Are the Covid vaccines safe? The stats are in. Over 1,500 deaths… over 15,000 adverse reactions according to the VAERS government website. Harvard study suggests only 1% of reactions are reported.

I’m highly recommending and urging everyone to refuse these vaccines. Ultimately it’s your choice. If you want to be a guinea pig for an unapproved vaccine, be my guest. But don’t play the victim when you or someone you care about has a bad reaction. This is an absolute crime against humanity. The social media giants and mainstream media outlets are covering up how unsafe these vaccines really are.

I pray that the one and only true God brings these evil people to justice soon. I also pray that our country wakes up to this corruption and says no and exposes and holds the individuals involved accountable in a court of law. We’ve already vaccinated a quarter of our population. You won’t believe how much these reaction numbers will increase over the next couple years.

It makes me sick to see what they’re doing to us. We’re they’re little lab rats right now. I for one will not be apart of it and will continue to expose these murderers.

Written by Adam Boyd

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