"Dead People Don't Care About Privacy" in COVID Nursing Home Death Counts

LANSING- Today there was a joint oversight committee to question the Office of the Auditor General and the MDHHS director Elizabeth Hertel of their reports and conflicting information of nursing home deaths related to COVID-19. The Auditor General used in part the MDSS (Michigan Disease Surveillance System) addresses for deaths,Continue Reading

Chair Johnson Reams Reames/Patrick Colbeck's Fiery Testimony

LANSING- The Senate Committee on Elections overheard testimony yesterday about a bill that would establish a state training curriculum by the Secretary of State for election challengers and training every 3 years.  Senate Bill 0292 (Sen. Rick Outman) Elections: challengers; training for election challengers; require, and require the secretary of stateContinue Reading

EXPOSED: MDHHS and Auditor General BOTH Lacking Data

LANSING- Yesterday the Auditor General released a report on their audit for the number of COVID-19 deaths within long-term care facilities. As they revealed there were nearly 2,400 additional deaths than previously reported by MDHHS.  Many of the mainstream headlines have been reading “MDHHS Disagrees with Auditor General on COVID-19 Deaths” asContinue Reading

University of Michigan Removes Schlissel as School President

Associated Press Mark Schlissel has been removed as president of the University of Michigan due to an alleged “inappropriate relationship with a university employee,” the school said Saturday on its website. The removal was effective “immediately,” University of Michigan Board of Regents said, adding that members learned Dec. 8, 2021 about the relationship fromContinue Reading

LIVESTREAM: 2A Day Macomb County

Spend a day with 2A Patriot, meeting the public servants in Michigan and learn how YOU can protect your 2nd amendment rights! Master of Ceremonies is John Clore from Us Against Media. Speakers are Matt DePerno, Ryan Kelley, Ralph Rebandt, Bob Scott, Barb Zinner, Don Brown, Don Vansyckel and manyContinue Reading

Michigan Auditor General Reveals 30% More Nursing Home Deaths From COVID Lockdowns!

LANSING- Michigan State Representative Steve Johnson of Wayland has not given up his fight in finding out what happened with nursing home deaths related to COVID-19.  Johnson requested an investigation by the Auditor General and told Us Against Media that the report shows that there were 30% more nursing home deathsContinue Reading