VIDEO BOMBSHELL! eTrueNorth Botches Covid Test Appointments With False Results!

Michigan – Ramiro Rodriguez was to attend a company function and was ordered to get the Covid-19 Test or Vaccination to be able to attend. 

Ramiro had just received a Covid-19 test 1 week prior, in which the test results came back negative.

Ramiro then goes to Meijer to receive a Covid-19 Test and was instructed to contact eTrueNorth to schedule an appointment.  He did schedule an appointment but never went to receive a Covid-19 Test at Meijer.

Funny thing is, Ramiro starts getting phone calls from the Michigan Department of Health asking how he is handling being infected with Covid-19.  He questions Michigan Department of Health on this, when he was told that he was listed by eTrueNorth as being positive for Covid-19

We obtained the opportunity to interview Ramiro and what he had to tell us was shocking!

Watch The Following Video:


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