EXCLUSIVE: The Life Of A Patriot - How The Media Has Spun Patriotism into Racism




It’s hard to be the guy that is outnumbered because of what you stand for, that being God and Country.  

First off to give you a little background into me:

My name is John Clore and I am fed up of the media lies and propaganda that is constantly being spewed out in order to cause fear, hate and division in our society! READ MORE


Now, how many of you have noticed that what is being done by the media is nothing but brainwashing the public into thinking and doing whatever it is that they want you to think and do?

How many of you have actually confronted this issue?

How many of you have to deal with neighbors lashing out at you, just because of your conservative values and beliefs?

How many of you have been assaulted on national TV, just to have the case ignored by the prosecutor?  

Well unfortunately, or fortunately(however you choose to view any situation) I have experienced all of this and more in the past year.  

While I say it’s unfortunate, I say this because it sucks to see what has happened to people and how easily they have become manipulated by the corporate communist agenda. 

When I say it’s fortunate, I say this because if I wouldn’t been able to experience all of this first hand, I would not have been able to document and bring you the truth. 


The Guy Next Door

So without further ado, lets start with my next door neighbor.  We actually got along for about the 1st year.  I would cut his little strip of front yard because my front yard is so small.  I would actually cut the fronts of both neighbors on each side of me each time.  OCD plays a great factor in this.  I like to see the straight mower lines and it is like brain sex to see the mower lines stretch out far.  Sorry, something weird about me.   

Well, I was on my way to the Capitol, excited to attend another Stop The Steal Rally. 

My neighbor was starting his car and I asked him if he was interested in attending the rally with me. 

He replied, “Why the hell are you going up there?”

I said, “Because they are trying to steal the election and we need to stop it.” 

He replies, “Well if we didn’t have such an idiot president…”  

I was shocked, but surprisingly, I kept my mouth shut and went on with my business. Later, I put my Trump signs up and we stopped all conversation. 

Fast forward: The election was stolen by Biden and I was walking my dogs first thing in the morning.  I noticed my neighbor outside shoveling snow.  I decided to jab back with my opinions this time. 

I say, “Hey man, how’s it going?  You like those gas prices going up?”

He replies, “Yeah I noticed they are going up.”

I say, “Yes, that’s because your pedophile President is cutting away our independent energy resources.”

He lost it and started yelling and cussing saying “F- your Mother” and crap. 

Called me a “Racist QAnon who hates Dr. Martin Luther King”

So, I decided to put my Trump sign back up near my garage because I can and it’s our property. Within plain view of his front door.

This is what happened. 


Now I know what you are thinking. This is petty crap that children do.  And you are correct!  But this guy called the police on me saying I was threatening him during this.  He even called up city inspectors and code enforcement on me.   All in which nothing transpired, but what a pain in the ass this guy is being.  (He is a renter next door and we are home owners.) 

 The Family Across The Street

Again, being a Patriot is hard enough with standing up against tyranny. But we also have our own friends, family and neighbors who misjudge us as racists and fascists because of our Patriotism. 

Here we have the family across the street.  Another house that was converted into a Triplex.  9 people in 1 apartment, 4 people in another apartment, and 3 or 4 in another apartment.  

On New Years Day, our cameras picked up the kids from the Triplex unit across the street throwing objects at our house.  I called the police.  The police show up and then goes to the house in which all lights turn off. 

The police officer returns and states that there is not much they can do.  There was no damage done and they are minors.

I say in return, “So we have to wait until it gets to that level.” “Damage has to be done before anything is done?”  “What if I throw things at their house?”  “Will I be charged with a hate crime because I happened to be white, and they happen to be black?” 

The officer nodded his head in agreement to my frustration. 

Fast forward 1 week: I approached the mother of the children who were throwing objects at our house, as they were backing up in their vehicle, leaving the driveway.  I noticed the girl who was throwing things at the house was sitting in the back seat and her wide-eyed look spoke 1000 words of guilt. 

I said to the mother, “Hi, my name is John and I live across the street.  We don’t have any problem with you guys bu-“

She interrupts me, “If this is something that happened last week, then I can’t help you. I don’t know what you are talking about.” 

I Say, “Look, I have your kids throwing things at my house on video.”

She replies: “You should have called the police then.  I Don’t Do Republican”

I replied, “Okay.”

I walked away, went home and jumped on the computer.  I went to the property appraisers website to find the contact information for the owner at that address.  I uploaded the following video footage of the children throwing things at my house and sent all, including police incident report to the owner. 

The owner finally got back to me and acted surprised that this was going on.  Like she had no idea the type of people she was renting to.  I asked her about her property management company and why they were not “Managing the property.”  She then replied, “Oh, he’s a nice guy.”  


Eventually the truth all comes to light and it’s only a matter of time before it all comes crumbling down on those that practice being wicked towards other people.  

Their house caught on fire yesterday, and yes, it is unfortunate and I don’t wish this on anyone. No one was hurt, mind you thank God.  But it does go to show that you get out of life what you put in.  If you only put negativity out into the world, you will receive nothing but negativity back!  Same holds true vice versa.  

The media was also there too. Not to do what they normally would when drama unfolds right before their live camera feed, but to try and hide it to keep their own higher agenda playing out.   

And yes, since the media happened to land magically on my front porch, I found it necessary to call them out. 







Assaulted By The Left

I wrote about this here  

But will sum it up for you:

Around 1 p.m., police broke up an altercation between two men near Allegan and Walnut streets. Trump supporters gathered there had been criticizing a CNN crew nearby when a man carrying a sign urging canvassers to certify the vote pushed a Trump supporter, according to a Detroit News photographer on the scene and a reporter who reviewed the photographer’s video.

Police took statements from all parties involved and will send a report to Ingham County prosecutors for possible assault charges, said Lt. Brian Oleksyk, public information officer for the Michigan State Police First District. The suspect, he said, was a 74-year-old Fowlerville man and the alleged victim a 45-year-old Lansing man.






I say the Media!  

Mainstream Media is practicing the art of spreading misinformation in order to cause fear, division and chaos in society.  This has caused irreputable and catastrophic damage across the foundations of society.  Race, Religion, Sex, Political Views, Wealth and many more topics have been used as a means to help their ongoing mission to keep society in fear, divided and focused on our differences, which in turn has led to catastrophic and irreputable damage to this country and the entire world!  Wars, Fake Pandemics, Political Cues are just a few consequences that we have had to endure, because of the Mainstream Media Lies.

This is in direct violation of The Federal Communications Commission of: Broadcasting False Information Act!

What do we do?

SIGN The Petition To Hold Mainstream Media Responsible for Violation of FCC Broadcasting False Info

And if anyone who reads this has experienced anything remotely similar, please leave a comment and tell your story.  We want to hear it! 

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