Southfield High School Free Prom Admission in Exchange for Vaccine

This morning at Southfield High School, we noticed between 4-5 police vehicles staged in the parking lot. Why are they there do you ask?

Grass-roots groups Informed Choice Michigan and Guardians of Freedom Michigan helped promote a peaceful protest event, as well as Ryan D. Kelley, running for governor and Jason Howland, running for State Representative in District 31.

The school had a free vaccine clinic from 8am-1pm today. Those senior students that showed up to get a vaccine would get a free ticket to prom. The non-vaccinated will have to pay $80 for admission.


Bloom Pediatrics had their “Vaccine Machine” on site. Post from Facebook.


This was a private event held by an anonymous donor to encourage senior students to get vaccinated prior to their prom. Tracey Patterson, a mother of a senior that attends the school, was appalled upon receiving a flyer from the school announcing free admission to vaccinated students.

The reason behind the Southfield Police Department’s presence is still unknown.

Written by Rachel Marcero


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