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Parents in Hudsonville, Michigan, came out on Thursday to a school board meeting and were denied entry for not wearing masks. 

A few minutes after, the security guards claimed the auditorium was at full capacity and locked the doors to the public. 

Here’s part of that interaction:

Another live video was posted to Facebook that had over 800 people watching live and over 13,000 views to date.


Hudsonville School Board denying entry to the general public for any reason violates the Michigan “Open Meetings” Laws which states:


Sec. 3.

  (1) All meetings of a public body must be open to the public and must be held in a place available to the general public. All persons must be permitted to attend any meeting except as otherwise provided in this act. The right of a person to attend a meeting of a public body includes the right to tape-record, to videotape, to broadcast live on radio, and to telecast live on television the proceedings of a public body at a public meeting. The exercise of this right does not depend on the prior approval of the public body.

Here’s their definition of “at capacity”.  We were told by an officer that they weren’t going to allow any more than 57 people in this auditorium.  How convenient!  COVID again seems to be the excuse for the deterioration of our constitutional rights.  

This image came from, and shows the view inside the auditorium.  They have x’s on two thirds of the seats and many of the seats available are not filled either.  It seems they only wanted to allow entry to those who agree with masks and lockdowns.  This is not a true representation of the community.

In December of 2020, the legislature decided to change the law, and add this section with Senate Bill No. 1246 which can be read in full at

However, a public body may establish reasonable rules and regulations in order to minimize the possibility of disrupting the meeting. For a meeting of a public body held in person before April 1, 2021, the public body shall do both of the following:
  (a) To the extent feasible under the circumstances, ensure adherence to social distancing and mitigation measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for purposes of preventing the spread of COVID-19, including the measure that an individual remain at least 6 feet from anyone from outside the individual’s household.
  (b) Adopt heightened standards of facility cleaning and disinfection to limit participant exposure to COVID-19, as well as protocols to clean and disinfect in the event of a positive COVID-19 case in the public body’s meeting place. 

I’m not a lawyer, but it looks to me like that part of the bill has expired, as it clearly says they need to follow this procedure for in person meetings before April 1st, 2021.  So it seems that that provision has expired and the public body should not be following it.  Apparently the law does not apply to Hudsonville Public Schools.

They also denied entry to a disabled veteran by the name of Kristin Meghan Kelly.  Kelly has 18 years experience in occupational environmental toxicology.  She was a industrial hygienist, has tested over 10,000 masks and respirators,  she sat on infection control committees, she managed OSHA’s respiratory protection program for over 76,000 people.  She knows what she’s talking about.  Here’s how she describes the events she saw take place at the board meeting:

Kelly was then mocked by a liberal teacher who later spoke in the board meeting about the LGBTQ community and Black lives matter.  She said parents who don’t support BLM and LGBTQ agendas should leave the school.

Here’s part of the teacher’s speech inside the board meeting:

Here’s Kelly being mocked by the teacher on video:

After they locked the front doors, someone went in a side door which was unlocked and the crowd followed and entered the hallways. I was one of the participants who was pounding on the door, asking that the board to “let us in.” This was not the auditorium door, so it did not disrupt the meeting.  The media made it seem like this was the door that went directly into the auditorium, but it was not.  We were told by a couple students that there were a couple more doors to get to the auditorium. We hoped to let the board know there was lots of angry parents locked out of the meeting, which violates the open meetings act. 



You can see the video here that Mlive posted to their twitter account, which got over 320,000 views to date:


We were ignored for a little while after banging on the door, but eventually the security guards came out.  Here’s what happened next: 


To be clear, I am not a parent, nor do I live in Hudsonville.  I consider myself an activist and an ally to anyone who decides to make a stand against these unconstitutional mandates.  I advocate for those who need support.  And people on the right side of the political spectrum need all the support they can get right now, as they are censored in every way and gaslighted by the media on a daily basis.  I know a lot of people who do have children and they’re not sure what to do to stand up against this sudden lack of respect for our constitutional rights.  I was there for them, and their children… and to document the resistance which is downplayed by the mainstream media.  

Some people disagree with my sometimes abrasive speech, but I believe that until we get upset nothing will change.  I do not condone violence, but I don’t see anything wrong with speaking out, showing my frustration, and sometimes being “mean” to get my point across…especially if someone is violating the law and our rights.  We have to sometimes get upset to wake people up from their trance.  We have a right to be upset, and a duty as citizens, but we have been acclimated to accept complete tyranny and just do what we’re told. 

That’s why you’ll see so much hate from the left over this story, claiming they’re so “embarrassed” to be from Hudsonville, that people like myself are “crazy, right wing, white Christians with privileges”, and that people like us should be arrested. 

They fail to acknowledge the law, which states that all members of the public be permitted to the meeting.  They also fail to acknowledge that this is a bipartisan issue.  No one, not matter what side of the political spectrum, likes wearing a mask.  They fail to acknowledge these masks cause all sorts of health problems.  The masks don’t stop the virus…which is stated on the packaging. 

The mandates were ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court.  So why do we continue to comply?  Why do we continue to police ourselves, when the government doesn’t have the right to enforce these laws, and wouldn’t be able to, unless they scared the public into submission.  “Fear sells” according to a CNN director, and that’s why the media continues to push this false narrative.  Listen to this undercover video from Project Veritas which caught CNN technical director Charlie Chester admitting to this.  This is why CNN is known as the “enemy of the people.”   

We’ve been programmed to think it’s crazy to get upset about anything.  But we’re talking about children being tortured all day having to wear something that doesn’t work and also gives them a better chance of getting sick.  If you aren’t upset about that, I don’t know what you’ll get upset about.  

We have a right to make our own medical decisions.  We have a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These mask rules are infringing on those sacred rights guaranteed to every citizen under the US Constitution and by God. 

These orders also violate the Nuremberg code which states “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.” 

Being forced to wear a mask all day is not only unhealthy, and it’s a violation of the children’s’ rights to an equal education.  They’re being forced to choose between being homeschooled, or going to public school and being deprived of their rights by being forced to wear a mask.  It’s extremely uncomfortable, has numerous negative side effects, and doesn’t even claim to stop the coronavirus. 

Here’s more from the Hill

This practice has the potential for substantial adverse effects with debatable public health benefits. To make an ethical decision, we must consider two key questions: Are universal masks for schoolchildren likely to limit coronavirus spread significantly? And (an underexplored question) could they adversely affect children? 

It appears asymptomatic adults and, especially, children do not seem to have a substantial role in coronavirus spread. Experts have pointed out asymptomatic spread, while possible, seems uncommon in childcare settings, useful proxies for schools, particularly for younger grades. Despite sensationalized headlines on children’s viral load, multiple reviews and contact-tracing studies have failed to find instances of children infecting teachers and a German well-publicized survey (where most states do not require student masks) hypothesized that keeping schools open slowed transmission. One recent Norwegian study estimated that, with low community transmission, 200,000 people would need to wear facemasks to prevent one new infection per week; even with the elevated transmission, the number is 70,000. These figures suggest that if Philadelphia or Washington, DC, respectively, opened their public schools, having every student wear a mask would prevent one infection (not one hospitalization or death) per week. While other studies postulate greater benefits from masks for healthy people, they are not conducted on children and typically assume high asymptomatic transmission, a finding less relevant for pediatric populations. Further, children are unlikely to wear masks with the degree of compliance found in adult studies, leading to reduced benefits. 

We must also consider potential adverse outcomes; children at low risk for COVID-19 complications and transmission are also less likely to have effective coping strategies, and their brains are still developing. Thus, the debate over students wearing masks in school all day is fundamentally different from the debate over masks for adults running errands at CVS. Pediatric mask-wearing has been found to have discernible effects on fear, anxiety, and language development. The author of one review on the topic recommended limiting the populations of children required to wear masks, the duration of mask-wearing, and the settings in which masks were required — advice that most states and schools have disregarded. In one survey of Polish young adults wearing masks due to COVID-19, 97 percent perceived inconvenience or adverse effects; 35 percent of those reported difficulty breathing. Mask-wearing at longer durations can impact thermoregulation and thermal stress. A recent German study found masks to have a “negative impact on cardiopulmonary capacity…and quality of life” and recommended these effects be balanced against potential reductions in viral transmission. It’s important to remember when we consider children that adverse effects are not merely “inconveniences” but, by increasing anxiety and physical stress, can materially impact their short and long-term health, well-being, and potential for school success.

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled all executive orders after April 25th, 2020, unconstitutional…so what makes it different now that the orders are coming from the health department?  At what point do we realize that these “mandates” and NOT laws, and are null and void if they violate our constitutionally protected rights?  

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Eventually we were told the janitors had to get in the hallway to clean, and were escorted to the door, where parents stood their ground and demanded answers. 

They then left on their own accord.  We then went back to the front of the building to ask if we could get in since others were leaving.  We were again denied entry even though many of the participants were already leaving.


From Mlive:
Lisa McGraw, public affairs manager for the Michigan Press Association (MPA), said public entities need to be more clear about any capacity limitations as some entities start holding meetings in-person amid the pandemic.

“I think that local bodies need to do a better job of laying out the parameters of the meeting, to help let people know that there’s only going to be 100 people allowed in, or however many,” she said. “This really boils down to, local government needs to be more clear in its communication.”

Superintendent Dr. Douglas VanderJagt said they would continue to mandates masks for students. From the Detroit News“We heard from both sides and people who are concerned,” Hudsonville Public Schools Superintendent Doug VanderJagt told The Detroit News. “At this point we are not making any changes. … The safety of our students and staff are of the utmost importance.”

Written by Adam Boyd

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