Shocking Letter from Michigan School Purposely Dumbs Down Kids

CALEDONIA- We received a copy of a letter from Caledonia High School’s principal, Bill Martin.

The letter states that the school will be continuing “the practice of” requiring students to complete all final exams, etc., however these exams will be scored and applied to the student’s overall course grade ONLY if they have a positive impact. 

It further states that some courses will require students to complete a final unit assessment, and that these are not considered exams. 

In closing, the school’s “goal” is to create an “equitable opportunity” for all students and to encourage students to study and prepare for their finals, but to avoid having the exam become a punitive measure of their learning. 

So, students that put their efforts into reading, studying and doing the work suffer for those that don’t? All for “equity’s” sake? How are these children going to grow up to be strong minded adults that can think for themselves without learning the rewards that hard work can bring?

This letter was shared on social media by a concerned mother and candidate for Michigan State Representative, Angela Rigas.

The next school board meeting will be held at Duncan Lake Middle School on Monday, January 17th at 6pm. Anyone is encouraged to come speak, even if you don’t live within the school’s district.

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