Michigan AG Candidate Tom Leonard Skirts Campaign Finance Rules with PAC Maneuver!
MICHIGAN – An analysis of Secretary of State Campaign Finance records revealed that Attorney General Candidate and former Speaker Tom Leonard funnels money through political action committees (PACs) to evade campaign finance limits and raise it three times the legal limit.

Leonard has two leadership accounts or Political Action Committees (PACS) that are run by his allies. One, Michigan Values Leadership Fund is run by Shane Hernandez, former state representative and director of member services at the Michigan State House.

The other account, Michigan Values Leadership Fund II is run by Zach Rudat, also on House Republican central staff. He is also Tom Leonard’s political director.

These PACS received absolutely no donations since 2018, the last time Leonard ran for Attorney General (AG). But oddly enough, Leonard received six donations in 2021. The two PACs and Leonard’s campaign also use the same post office box address in Dewitt, Michigan. Coincidence?

In Michigan, the individual contribution limit for AG is $7,150. Five of the six individuals who donated to the funds:

  • John Kennedy, former CEO and founder of Autocam, that sold for $350 million
  • Jerry Jung, previous State Transportation Chair, founder of Rethink Ethanol, and current chair of Michigan Colleges Alliance
  • Daniel Allor of Allor Plumbing and Heating, and Solomon Plumbing
  • Matt Ishbia, CEO of mortgage lender United Wholesale Mortgage, now called UWM Holdings
  • Mickey Shapiro of M. Shapiro Real Estate Group

These individuals made the maximum donation to the Leonard for AG campaign directly. Then, they donated a combined $103,800 to the two PACs, which in turn donated $80,000 directly to Tom Leonard for his campaign.

Instead of the $35,750 limit that Michigan campaign finance law sets, these five individuals were able to give $115,750 to the campaign, more than 3 times the legal limit.

Not only that, but spouses and immediate family also gave a maximum donation of $7,150. John Kennedy’s wife, Nancy donated. The Allor family has done the same, making an individual maximum donation on the same date, from two different family members in the same residence.

We also noticed Kalamazoo billionaire William Parfet and his wife Barbara have each made a max donation of $7,150 each. Parfet has also donated $50,000 to Gretchen Whitmer’s campaign. Parfet was in the news back in 2016 when a previous employee sued him for wrongful termination and sexual harassment. 

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