Michigan GOP Issues Statement About Governor Whitmer's Travels During Lockdown Mandates - Us Against Media

Michigan GOP gathered today to give a statement concerning the latest reported trip to Florida that Governor Gretchen Whitmer traveled during her unconstitutional mandates that we reported about here:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Broke Her Own Travel Orders To Visit Father!

Michigan GOP Sets Out To Take Action!



Michigan State Senator Jim Runestad, 15th District took the lead with today’s event by stating:

“This is not about the governor visiting her father.  This is about the hypocrisy”

This statement is very true!  Michigan people are tired of the political hypocrisy that leads to absolutely no accountability.  

Representative Steve Johnson stated:

“The governor has failed at being a leader.”

Others followed to speak on behalf of senior citizens in nursing homes, as well as concerned mothers and citizens. 

Jamie Nicholson who’s mother tragically passed away due to being locked away in a nursing home for 11 months. 

Lindsey Sear is a concerned mother who speaks out on the new mask mandate for children and the long term effects that can have. 

Malenda Newcomb from Highland Township is a nursing assistant who holds up her phone to show a picture of the conditions of a nursing home, and how they are not suitable to combat Covid-19.  She also talks about how the lockdowns and separation from families causes more damage to our senior citizens that are locked away in nursing homes.

Many questions surround the issues involving the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdowns in Michigan that were found to be unconstitutional.  

More questions remain about the payoffs to certain officials in order to leave their positions…

Michiganders need more than answers, we need results that lead to accountability!

Written by John Clore



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