Michigan Legislators Attempting to Strongarm Medical Marijuana Caregivers

LANSING- Hundreds of marijuana caregivers and medical marijuana patients gathered yesterday at the Michigan state capitol to protest against proposed legislation that will restrict caregiver’s rights.

The House Bill package, 5300-5302 will alter changes within the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act. 

House Bill 5300 will add a “licensed specialty medical grower,” which is a very restrictive license that is designed to eventually push out the caregiver. But wait, there’s more!

With the addition of the “licensed specialty medical grower,” House Bill 5301 will implement a YEARLY licensing fee of $500. In addition, before the sale or transfer, the marijuana must be tested by a safety compliance facility licensed under the medical marijuana facilities licensing act. Which costs more money!

And if you’re a caregiver, and you have a significant other or friend that helps you water or tend to your plants, then YES let’s make them register too! See below:

“To designate an individual, the registered primary caregiver must submit the individual’s name, date of birth, telephone number, and home address to the marijuana regulatory agency on a form and in a manner as provided for by the marijuana regulatory agency.”

And it can’t be more than 2 people, either. So no vacation for you, caregiver! Oh well, that’s okay because this bill is also proposing only one patient per caregiver, too. At least your job will be easier, right? Now that your plant count went from 72 to 12!

House Bill 5302 will also give the police access to your information! Check it out!

“The marijuana regulatory agency may disclose to the department of state police or a local law enforcement agency the address of the location at which a REGISTERED PRIMARY CAREGIVER or licensed specialty medical cannabis grower cultivates or manufactures marijuana.”

It also includes any product that is sold to a patient must be tracked by name, amount, and price. 

The 2008 MMMA prohibits the MRA or any state agency from sharing this information with the authorities. So now they’ll know where you live and re-criminalize cannabis!


This rally was organized by Zahra Abbas and Ryan Bringold on Facebook. We wanted to thank them and other organizers and vendors that helped setup and organize this event and spread awareness.

Please go to and subscribe to the Michigan Caregiver’s Association, organized by “Big” George Brikho. Brikho and a team are circulating a petition to prevent any of these bills from passing into law. They are also working to implement a Caregiver’s Bill of Rights to prevent any further legislation like this from being written in the future.

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