Anti-Vaccine Passport Rally At The Michigan Capitol

Michiganders Against Vaccine Passports Rally, Bipartisan

Hosted by Cindi Holland and Maija Hahn

Even though the rain was cold on this mid April day, patriots still came out to show support against the vaccine passports that some lawmakers are trying to push into law. 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services had preliminary discussions about a potential statewide vaccine passport system.

Republican officials in states like Texas, Florida, Arizona and Utah have already banned vaccine passports, and conservatives in at least 10 other states are pushing to do the same.  

Rep. Mark Huizenga, R-Walker, who chairs the House’s higher education budget committee, said Republicans are concerned about universities developing mandatory policies for vaccines.

Whitmer, who is a Democrat, would have the power to veto the vaccine passport bill, but not the budget language specific to universities. Asked about the GOP legislation Bobby Leddy, Whitmer press secretary said;

 “Rather than working with us to promote vaccinations, it’s disappointing to see Republicans take up fringe issues, like forcing universities to pick between protecting students or receiving their annual funding.” 

“From my perspective, I’ve seen our governor act unilaterally and for me, this (legislation) is one way to say, ‘Hands off, not here. We’re not doing this,’” Rep. Luke Meerman, R-Polktown Township said.

Nonetheless, anti-vaccination patriots are urging the Michigan Legislature to ban vaccine passports.


Many where there to speak against the vaccine passport;

9:00am: Cindi Holland + *Prayer and pledge 
9:15am Maija Hahn intro 
9:30am: Katherine Henry (10min)
9:50am: Ryan Kelly (10min)
10:05am: Representative Sue Allor 
10:15am: Reps LaFave and Carra (15min)
10:30am: Maija Vaccines Speech 
10:45am: Jeanine Deal (5-7min) wireless
11:00am: Kristen Meghan Kelly: (10min) mask mandates
11:15am: Attorney Rick Martin (10min)
11:30am: Rachel Weaver (7-10) Guardians of Freedom
11:45am: Hayden Heikkila (5min)
12:50pm: Lisa Bomers RN (7-10min)
12:00pm: open mic for 3 minutes comments students 
12:15pm: open mic for 3min comments
12:30pm: Michelle Mixa (7min) Stop The Passport Muskegeon! 
12:45pm: Jason Howland
1:00pm: Cindi and Maija wrap it up

New House legislation would prohibit the state or local governments from creating, issuing or incentivizing the kind of vaccine passports that Israel and other countries have used to ease travel restrictions for inoculated residents and provide special access to restricted sites like hotels, gyms, theaters and music venues.
We got the opportunity to speak with Katherine Henry who is a constitutional lawyer and has been fighting for our liberty and freedom. 
You can find out more about Restore Freedom Here

Written by John Clore


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