Candidates have routinely stated they are pro-life and that they want to see abortion eliminated to save the lives of thousands of children. Yet, with an alleged pro-life majority in the Legislature, this question is routinely asked: Where is the action on this issue? I am proud to have played a role in the fall of Roe v. Wade, having drafted the nation’s second-largest amicus brief in support of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case. The time for action is now.

Unfortunately, Right to Life has held back the pro-life movement while abortion advocates and Governor Whitmer are on the offensive. The inaction will only continue because they routinely endorse incumbents who are weak on pro-life measures, allowing the status quo to remain the same in Lansing. These are the same incumbents who take no action on second amendment rights, increase our state budget by billions of dollars, and continue the same go along to get along mentality.

The organization also doesn’t recognize true pro-life candidates who want to see action because of their incumbent endorsement policy. In my first campaign for state representative, Right to Life of Michigan endorsed a write-in candidate following the primary, harming me and splitting the Republican ticket in my district. In what way, shape, or form is that beneficial to the pro-life movement? They have spread misinformation about not only me but other pro-life candidates who supported the Michigan Heartbeat Bill by saying we are ok with abortions up until heartbeat. They purposefully failed to mention the savings clause in that bill (HB 5444/5445) that would have kept the bill in line with the 1931 abortion law by stating: “Nothing in this act shall be construed to repeal or amend, explicitly or by implication, any provision of law prohibiting or regulating abortion, including, but not limited to, section 14, 15, 322, or 323 of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.14, 750.15, 750.322, and 750.323.”

Due to the above-mentioned problems that have been caused by Right to Life of Michigan, I am calling on President Barbara Listing to resign and for Right to Life of Michigan to change its endorsement policy from incumbents to properly recognizing pro-life candidates based on merit. Additionally, I am urging all conservatives to cease donations to Right to Life of Michigan and to instead send that money to other pro-life organizations until they change their endorsement policy and Barbara Listing steps down. Right to Life of Michigan has become far too politically driven and needs to make serious changes before receiving any further support from pro-life donors.