A FOURTH Vaccine?

ISRAEL- Yep! You heard that right! The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced his “full approval” of a 4th vaccine doses for people over 60 and medical workers.

According to The Times of Israel, Bennett defends the government’s handling of the current COVID-19 outbreak, in the face of criticism that the frequently updated restrictions are confusing the public.

“No one asked or invited another wave [of morbidity],” he says.

The premier urges Israelis to get vaccinated, wear masks, and to take steps to protect those most at risk from COVID.  South Korea and U.K. governments are already ordering additional doses in preparation.

What does this mean for us in the United States? 

Well, Moderna’s CEO Stéphane Bancel seems to think a fourth dose will be needed in the United States later this year. She expects the effectiveness of booster shots to wane over time. Dr. Anthony Fauci also sees a fourth booster as something conceivable but wants to wait until they receive “scientific data” on the third booster. 


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