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BREAKING! WE CAUGHT THEM: Arizona’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Lied!

BREAKING! WE CAUGHT THEM: Arizona’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Lied!

by John Clore

11 months ago

The Maricopa Board of Supervisors limited their choices to two companies Pro V&V and SLI Compliance.

Pro V&V was also Selected by Georgia's corrupted secretary of state Brad Raffensperger for a recent sham audit there.   Secretary of State Raffensperger used Dominion Linked PRO. V&V, an Alabama-based testing laboratory, to do the Georgia audit of the Dominion machines.

We know that Pro V&V has only three company contacts and has been in business since 2011.  The President of Pro V&B is Jack Cobb.  Cobb has been called in to perform audits for Dominion in the past.  He performed one audit in the Philippines in 2019, but he referred to himself as the ‘Laboratory Director’ during this engagement.  Pro V&V once had a certificate of accreditation from the USEAC but it expired in 2017. (No recent accreditation was noted on its website.)

SLI Compliance also provides little support for its election certifications on its site.  It has a website and a page dedicated to voting system certification testing.  SLI Compliance on its website claims it was accredited by the USEAC but this morning we could find no support for this or if this was current.  However, we did see that both entities were used by Dominion voting systems for their recent audits.

We followed this report and asked how can the EAC (the government body that oversees elections) remain independent when their CIO worked for Dominion Voting Systems for a decade?

Our first article must have hit a nerve because the EAC did something today that is quite shocking.

We argued in our first article that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors claimed they picked Pro V&V and SLI Compliance because these two auditors were certified by the EAC.  They chose these entities in spite of the offer by election ballot expert Jovan Pulitzer who has a method to review every single ballot in the county to determine the true and accurate validity of the votes.  Pulitzer explained the various obstacles the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have created to prevent a solid audit in the county:



Jovan is right.  Where his method will review every single ballot in the county to determine the validity of the ballots, the work performed by Pro V&V and SLI Compliance won’t come close to doing that.  We know this from their prior audit reports, some of which can be found at the EAC’s website.

In these reports there is no mention of the number of cases reviewed in their reports.  Instead, they looked at the system audited and give a thumb’s up that everything was working as intended.  Knowing this, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors likely wasn’t after an accurate account of election results, they were after an audit that will validate THEIR election results.

This leads us to today.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors claimed they selected Pro V&V and SLI Compliance because they were certified by the EAC.  But this is not true.  The facts show something different.  We pointed this out this morning!

So today the EAC added two memos to its site each dated with yesterday’s date, January 27th, from the desk of Jerome Lovato:

Mr. Lovato’s memos claim that Pro V&V and SLI Compliance have been accredited indefinitely as of yesterday.  Lovato blames the delay in renewing these company’s accreditation on COVID-19:

It’s really not even known if Lovato can make these accreditations on his own or what efforts he took to make such allowances. 

We see per the EAC website that the documents show a date of yesterday, similar as the memos and supposedly before our report was released this morning:

But per a review of the Wayback Machine, these certification accommodation reports at the EAC were not updated on the Internet until this afternoon – we really don’t know when these memos that provide accreditation to Pro V&V and SLI Compliance were created – yesterday or today after our report this morning was published.  

What we absolutely do know however, is that when the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors selected these two entities to rubber stamp the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors lied.  These firms were not certified as the Board of Supervisors as they claimed.

The good people in Arizona should be outraged these people are trying to hide accurate election results from them. 

Enough is enough!  This is the USA!



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