China CCP Buying Territories in Oklahoma, Jamaica and Bahamas.

This viral video going around social media has a Texan explaining things that are going on, that are not being reported by mainstream media! He talks about farms in the middle of Oklahoma being bought at 3x the normal value.

He also talks about Chinese investments in Jamaica and Bahamas.

I was skeptical at first, until I did Google Search for: Chinese Jamaica Bahamas and found numerous references to what he said.  

I also did a Google search for: Chinese investment in Oklahoma  and again, I found numerous references to what this guy is saying, leading me to believe this is in fact true!  I know how the mainstream media likes to push its own agenda, not reporting facts but telling stories to find a specific narrative. 

I have secured this video and uploaded to Rumble, please share this story so it gets out to people who need to hear it!   Thank you

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