From courage to self-censorship, how media got into Chinese investments





In May 1989, when massive numbers of Chinese students and citizens protested in Tiananmen Square, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC all went to China to report on it.

I remember watching CBS’s Dan Rather reporting live from Tiananmen Square a few nights before the tanks rolled in. CNN captured the famous tank man footage and shocked the world. I was a college student in America and was touched by the courage American journalists displayed in supporting Chinese people’s fight for freedom. Now, 32 years have passed. CBS and the mainstream media have changed, Through various Chinese investments, Warner Media, the parent company of CNN, and CBS, have built close ties with China.

Returns on their Chinese investments outweigh journalistic integrity. Major TV networks now practice self-censorship in order to protect their investments in China. What Happened? When Bill Clinton let China join the WTO, the world dynamic forever shifted.


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