Ingham County Prosecutor Refusing To Press Charges On Assault






This is me being assaulted by a Joe Biden fan during the election certification vote!  

Report with the Michigan State Police  # 16-300-20

I know, its kinda funny to see me with a Biden sign wrapped around my face after saying, JOE BIDEN IS A CHILD MOLESTER!  (Its true)

But here is why it's not so funny...


Here is how the Detroit News reports it:

Around 1 p.m., police broke up an altercation between two men near Allegan and Walnut streets. Trump supporters gathered there had been criticizing a CNN crew nearby when a man carrying a sign urging canvassers to certify the vote pushed a Trump supporter, according to a Detroit News photographer on the scene and a reporter who reviewed the photographer’s video.

Police took statements from all parties involved and will send a report to Ingham County prosecutors for possible assault charges, said Lt. Brian Oleksyk, public information officer for the Michigan State Police First District. The suspect, he said, was a 74-year-old Fowlerville man and the alleged victim a 45-year-old Lansing man.

Michigan State Police formed a line in front of Biden and Trump protesters near the street, trying to keep them on the sidewalk and prevent any scuffles among protesters. 

Trump supporters on megaphones shouted "Trump is still your daddy" and "Dead voters matter."

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Now the exact reason given by the reporting officer who was kind enough to call and let me know was;  Offense does not constitute assault or battery.  

From my basic understanding of law, an assault is any type of violent or harmful contact between two individuals whether by actual body or bodily fluid. 

So the Ingham County prosecutor has set the standard and is allowing this to happen regardless if laws were infracted or not.  

I think we all pretty much know why charges were not pressed on the person who committed a crime.  It's because of the politics, not the offense.  And if a prosecutor is going to perform duties based on political reasons, then they are in that position for the wrong reasons.  And what if the situation was reversed? Would the prosecutor move forward with charges if a conservative did this to a Biden supporter?

I say to the Ingham County Prosecutor, DO YOUR JOB! 

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  • Not surprised they didn’t charge that guy…What a joke!
    Keep up the good work, site looks really good. Been coming back here daily to get news updates. Appreciate ya.


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