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Day 1 - Reawaken America Tour

Day 1 - Reawaken America Tour

by John Clore

A month ago



DAY 1 



Aiya Kelley, Chaplain for the Oklahoma Republican Party and singer of the National Anthem at the Reawaken America Tour


Dr. Stella Immanuel - Frontline Doctors of America



Matt Deperno - Candidate for Michigan Attorney General - Citizen's Initiative for Forensic Audit



Shaun FredricksonSan Diego resident Shaun Frederickson calls out County Health officials for using "propaganda"



Christie Hutcherson, Women Fighting for America founder




Dr. Richard Barlett - "Silver Bullet" Budesonideworks.com 







  • I listened to the white guy with the Dredlocks say he was not educated about the Constitution, boy oh boy you’re right. Here you are Mr. Fredrickson, all it takes is the brainpower to look for the truth instead of regurgitating what you heard from some Reich Wing Mouthpiece. https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/885/establishment-clause-separation-of-church-and-state. Clearly what you are saying is we need to put your God in Schools. Well, Mr. Thomas Jefferson would strongly disagree with you and the rest of your Cult, as written in 1802. But then again Facts seem to not matter to your ilk. It’s what God say’s to you, that matters. I’ve talked to enough of you to know your response. By the way, why are you folks listening to a self-confessed Traitor? I would suggest your values are a bit askew. But the fear was that Religion would screw up Government by some and right now that seems to be what the Repugnant’s are about. Look no further than your Mail service. Folks, who depend on Meds. to stay alive don’t matter to your type of Christian though, Reich?

    Steven Atkins on

  • Great job guys! Shaun Fredrickson was pretty legit. We need to know fundamentals, it makes it easier to figure out other stuff, IMO. Loving these videos.

    Elliot Truthe on

  • I love Dr Stella Immanuel, I love all of the brave Patriots coming forth with the truth. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I’m so thankful to be able to watch these interviews. Such great work usagainstmedia!

    Sharon on

  • Yes ! this was Awesome !!! Thank you all ! We will WIN !!!

    Louise on Aug 19,2021 on

  • Thank you so much for streaming this!

    Wendy Stevens on

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