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UPDATE! Michigan Representative Jack O'Malley Called Out For Spreading Lies On Video!

UPDATE! Michigan Representative Jack O'Malley Called Out For Spreading Lies On Video!

by John Clore

A month ago

Representative Jack O'Malley has made some pretty bold statements in his video, claiming that he never received an email from Matt Deperno in regards to the evidence Deperno has uncovered to prove that there was fraud during the 2020 Presidential election. 

Representative O'Malley also claims that he sent Deperno an email, inviting Deperno an opportunity to come and present his evidence to his office.  

Representative O'Malley also stated that he has no idea what a "Forensic Audit" consists of.  

We were able to meet up with Jack O'Malley today, during our livestream to ask him some serious questions surrounding his statements in his video. 

  1.  Where is the send receipt for the email he claims to have sent Deperno, inviting Deperno to present the evidence to prove election fraud?
  2. If he needs help with understanding the differences between a regular audit, and a forensic audit. 

We were met with a very smug, defensive response from O'Malley when presenting these questions to him!  

Watch below as we go over Jack O'Malley's video and how he responded to our questions today. 



Matt Deperno reached out to us after reading this article and furnished us with a text message conversation he had with O'Malley on Thursday, September 2nd.


Representative Jack O'Malley has still to this day NOT CONTACTED Deperno whatsoever.



  • Remember that if there was any offshore meddling in a Presidential election, that is treason and assisting in the cover up is treason after the fact, and carries the same penalty. MSP have seized two Adams Twp voting machines pursuant to a warrant issued. This means MSP has been added to the chain of custody, and one would hope that since the forensic evidence on those machines may be used in a criminal prosecution, that such examination would take place on the exact evidence of the machines, by MSP. MSP are not elected, and therefore have no interest other than prosecution. If they hand over the machines w/o forensic analysis to SOS, it shows prejudice. SOS is a potential defendant. As also AG whose office doubtless prepared the warrant request. We shall see.

    James Chapman on

  • Great work on showing O’Mally’s true character now. Many in the North here love him because he was the “conservative” radio guy. I saw his true colors years ago when he told after he interviewed me about our Constitution Celebration event, he told me “the Constitution isn’t sexy”. Well we can clearly see Jack doesn’t know squat about the Constitution with not calling up a full forensic audit. He is just one of the good ole swamp boys club members. Not standing against election fraud and the hacking of our elections is Treason – Jack!
    Great job at exposing another swamp creature.

    Heather Cerone on

  • Like they care about NOT lying under oath. Ha.

    Patricia M Dietz on

  • What do you think about trying to get an interview by Tucker Carlson with Katherine Henry.

    Patricia M Dietz on

  • Great work on exposing these rinos.

    Elliott on

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