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Mother Sues School and Sheriff's Office For No Trespass and Seized Phone!

Mother Sues School and Sheriff's Office For No Trespass and Seized Phone!

by Rachel Marcero

2 weeks ago

CHEBOYGAN-  Erin Chaskey, whose son is a student of Onaway Area Community School District (OACSD), is suing the school district, the superintendent, a school board member, and the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Office (PICSO) for enforcing a no trespass order, which restricts her from school grounds, and for having her phone unlawfully taken by the Sheriff's Office without probable cause.

The following is a summary of the complaint, filed by attorney Daren A. Wiseley of Wiseley Law, PLLC:

The issues with the OACSD started over a year ago, when Chaskey had heard rumors of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct by at least one teacher at Onaway High School. The complaint refers to Kymberli Wregglesworth, a teacher for Onaway High, who had made extremely inappropriate comments to students, such as “your white privilege is showing”.  Also referring to voting for certain political candidates, comparing to “like voting for Hitler”, and even bullying an autistic student in front of the classroom.

Furthermore, Wregglesworth had been teaching “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) in the classroom, praising former Communist leader Che Guevara, and overall behaving in a very biased manner.

Due to these concerns, Chaskey emailed the Superintendent Rod Fullerton, asking to meet and discuss these issues of curriculum as early as March 17, 2021. After waiting nearly two months since her initial email detailing her concerns, she finally gets a reply that he (Superintendent Rod Fullerton) 

“...just don’t have it as of yet.”

As a result, Chaskey sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to Superintendent Rod Fullerton demanding the emails between Fullerton, Wregglesworth, and other school board members in August. 

Notably, in the response, no emails from Wregglesworth were provided, and certain emails were apparently omitted. When Chaskey contacted Fullerton, addressing the fact that it was obvious that certain emails were missing, he responded that he “neglected to include the email to Mrs. Wregglesworth requesting information for this FOIA request."

As a result, Chaskey decided to speak out about these issues at the Onaway Area school board meetings. Other parents start to confide in Chaskey as they were afraid of retaliation from the school board. Due to receiving the same results after speaking out at the school board meetings, Chaskey decided to seek a position with the school board and arrived at the school to pick up an application around October 14, 2021. 

As she walks into the school foyer, she overhears a conversation between the Superintendent Fullerton and school board member, Michael Benson, admitting to using other channels of communicating outside of the school email, specifically to avoid their correspondence being subjected to FOIA requests. The two also discussed how Chaskey was “furthering her agenda,” and “must get her information from TikTok.” The pair also discussed their wives stalking Chaskey's Facebook posts, along with a slew of other derogatory remarks towards Chaskey. 

This conversation was captured by Chaskey on her cell phone, while standing in plain view of the public, in the foyer as Fullerton and Benson were talking in a classroom down the hall with the door wide open. Shortly after, the principal approaches her in the hallway in which Chaskey mentioned that she was "listening to an interesting conversation." 

Superintendent Fullerton gets wind of this and approaches Chaskey asking, "What can I do for you?" Chaskey indicated that she was there to pick up an application for the school board position and that she heard the conversation and it “shows who you all are.” Fullerton replied to Chaskey by stating that “all the info was available online,” regarding the application. She then left the premises without further incident.

About a week later, Chaskey was served a search warrant by Deputy David Schmoldt of PICSO. The warrant was for Chaskey's cellphone, dated October 20, 2021. The alleged "fact" or probable cause was:

  • She (Chaskey) is observed on video footage making a video recording of a private conversation that is occurring out of view of the video camera system and in an area that Chaskey should not be as a private citizen

So not only was Chaskey's cell phone seized, but several days later received correspondence from Fullerton stating she was issued a “No Trespass," which restricts her from attending school board meetings and is no longer able to drop off or pick up her son from school. No hearing or due process was allowed for Chaskey to contest the allegations. 

Officials at the school continue to defame Chaskey for spreading false rumors of her “spying” and engaging in criminal activity, and other false statements.

Chaskey has also been approached by individuals who have asked her “why the school has a restraining order” on her. Chaskey is humiliated and embarrassed by this and fears this will make a negative impact on her son at school.


  • Erin, I wish I had the guts to keep fighting like you did. After awhile I got wore out and my son was being punished. And once again I had yanked him from Onaway schools. A teacher had out her hands on my son and made false accusations against him multiple times and all I ever heard was an excuse of how it was always my sons fault. I had multiple kids say other wise. So, I yanked him out and was going to put him in Rogers City School, had a meeting with the superintendent. Later that day I had a voicemail from his principal (whom clearly was upset per the tone and message) asking me to call him back. So, I did and he stated so I heard you have lots to say bashin the school and teachers and so forth. Which was not the case I said what was happening. I stated during the end of the conversation that I was going to be walking my son to class to make sure he wasn’t late, and the principal responded with no you’re not the teachers are tunicates with what was said. I was told I couldn’t attend the school. The very next day I get a call from Schmidt about truency charges. All a coincidence if you ask me! I have had so many issues up there. I’m so proud of you Erin, keep fighting and don’t stop or give up like I did!

    Brandi Middaugh on

  • Thank you for the work you do Rachel, and Ms. Chaskey sincerely appreciates the kind words and support!

    Daren Wiseley on

  • Thank you so much for fighting for our children, what they have put you through is very wrong and they should be ashamed of themselves, my prayers are with you

    LIsha Waldie on

  • Let me know what I can do. All of my grandchildren are attending a private school because Onaway schools have proven to be corrupt. I am happy to support Chaskeys case, also there are many people that will get involved in ousting the radical marxists at Onaway public school and the racist “critical race theory”.

    Colleen Sedell on

  • Can I make a appointment with you! I have a case!

    Michelle burton on

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