Pelosi’s San Fran Estate Vandalized with Leftist Graffiti, Severed Pig Head: “CANCEL RENT… WE WANT EVERYTHING”




The San Francisco home of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was reportedly vandalized over the New Year’s holiday by a radical leftist, according to photos shared on social media.

On Friday, independent journalist Maggie Vandenberghe posted a photo of Pelosi’s vandalized garage door, claiming city workers went to the Speaker’s Pac Heights estate around 3AM to clean up graffiti advocating the cancellation of rent.



The spray-painted graffiti, containing two anarchy “A” symbols, slammed the $2,000 economic stimulus payment, instead urging to “CANCEL RENT!,” adding, “WE WANT EVERYTHING!” “City called to clean up at 3am & police attempting to stop photos of scene. Media SILENT,” Vandenberghe reported. Besides the messaging, another indication this was a leftist act is the severed pig’s head and fake blood left on the driveway, a favorite symbol of Antifa and other radical provocateurs that was seen at BLM protests last July.





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