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Soldano's Campaign Ad Creates Endorsement Confusion

Soldano's Campaign Ad Creates Endorsement Confusion

by Rachel Marcero

3 weeks ago

MICHIGAN- A photo has been circulating on social media in regard to Restore Freedom, a constitutional advocate group and the endorsement of Garrett Soldano, a gubernatorial candidate. 

Soldano claims his campaign team didn't know who Katherine was and the name of her petition, that they simply made a graphic of "Restore Freedom" as part of a general campaign message. And he did in fact sign the Restore Freedom Initiative.

Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry wanted to make it clear as they do not have any affiliation with nor endorse Soldano, to clear up any confusion that may have been misunderstood from the social media post. 

For those that are unfamiliar, Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry began as a joint effort between the Katherine Henry PC law firm and the Restore Freedom Initiative ballot question committee. The Restore Freedom Initiative was a proposal to amend our Michigan state constitution to: rein back in government power; prevent future abuses of power by the governor, legislature and courts (even in times of crisis, war or emergency); restore Michigan to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people (as REQUIRED by our US Constitution). Katherine Henry is the founder of the Restore Freedom Initiative and the owner and lead attorney of Katherine Henry PC. Prior to April 2020, Katherine Henry PC offered a variety of legal services and dispute resolution services. From that point on, though, the law firm focused on educating the public on the law and the Constitution, empowering individuals to actively participate in the government process, educating government officials on legal and constitutional issues, fighting for freedom and defending the Constitution, and giving the people a voice in it all. (RestoreFreedomkh.com)

Restore Freedom has garnered thousands of activists and volunteers from across the entire state. The group was formed to educate the citizens of Michigan on holding their government officials accountable. Empowering people with the knowledge of The Constitution and their God-given liberties, this group has grown exponentially since it's founding. 

What are your thoughts about this? Was Soldano's campaign team unfamiliar with Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry? Let us know if the comments below!
Contribution by: Ethan Hobson


  • There’s no doubt, Soldano, knows who Katherine Henry and Restore Freedom is.

    CC on

  • After doing a little research on Garrett Soldano, he may not be a good choice for Michigan, found out in 2018 Garrett was involved with selling fake stem cell therapy, and ripping off seniors, at $5k a pop.
    Also sold phony blood, and Covid-19 tests.
    Soldano has opened many businesses, he’s incorporated, and then closed , It raises several questions, I’m sure more information will come out on Soldano.
    So, I am correcting my first comment.

    Donald Hoover on

  • I’ve listened to Garrett speak several times, My gut feeling is he’s a good person working to put the people of Michigan back in charge, If I get the chance to meet him, I will ask him if he knows about KH Restore Freedom.
    I’ve donated to Katherine Henry a couple of times before she moved to Florida, for what she was doing in Michigan, I find it discourteous when I would ask her a question on something she would post and never could I receive a response. Same thing is happening currently when I ask members of Michigan legislators to assist Attorney Matt DePerno with forensic audits in all districts of Michigan. They all stay silent on this matter, however we the people want it done, so it will be.

    Donald Hoover on

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