EDITED: Step Right Up Folks! Rosemarie Aquilina, Ingham County Sheriff and Stand Up Michigan. What A Circus!

Protesters outside of Ingham County Jail.  NOTE: Nobody from STAND UP MICHIGAN was there, and is never there when it really matters. 




Marlena Pavlos-Hackney was arrested early morning Friday, 3/19/2021 for a bench warrant that was issued by Wanda Stokes.


Pavlos-Hackney, arrested shortly before 6 a.m. Friday during a traffic stop in Ottawa County, will remain in jail until the state is assured her restaurant is closed down and she pays $7,500, Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina said during a raucous Friday court hearing.


Marlena Pavlos-Hackney was arrested by Michigan State Troopers, then transported to Ingham County Sheriff's Office to be held without bail, all unconstitutionally as the Supreme Court has already determined that Governors executive orders as Unconstitutional. 

The police constantly give the excuse, "We are just following orders" "We are just doing our jobs"  Well, if your orders consist of breaking the laws, then you need to use your best judgement and start questioning the orders you are given!  

Just because you are given orders, or just because you are doing your job does not nullify or exclude you from having to face consequences for your unlawful actions being carried out towards the hard working, tax paying citizens of Michigan!



The Doors To Hell.  With all of the NO, NO, NO, are you even allowed to breath, blink or fart in this room that belongs to the people? 

Step Right Up Folks! 

Are you ready to take a ride, that will remind you of how much YOU and YOUR RIGHTS do not matter? 

The ride is called, The Circuit Courts of Ingham County.  A Complete Circus from the moment you walk in the front doors! 

Stick your items in a tray, stick your face on an iPad that pretends to take your temperature, but is only taking a picture of your face.  Then you get the Wand Treatment and reminded how you must MASK UP MICHIGAN! 

The Real Circus / Kangaroo Court

More specifically, Tyrant Rosemarie E Aquilina who will constantly remind you  that it is HER courtroom!  Not The People's... 

"We’re in the midst of a pandemic," Aquilina said. "You have selfishly not followed the orders. You’ve not followed them for your own financial gain and apparently for the publicity that comes with it.”

This Evil Shrew of a Woman will scream, slam gavels and even threaten you with jail time!  All for a POLITICAL SHOW that she was actually accusing Marlena of doing. 

Rosemarie E Aquilina needs to be reminded that she is an elected official and works for THE PEOPLE!  We do not work for her! Not only that, it is THE PEOPLE'S COURTROOM.  Not Rosemarie E Aquilina's 

You may even hear the prosecutor say, The People Of Michigan, as if the prosecutor actually represents the PEOPLE OF MIGHIAN?  Another reminder, YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN!  You represent a totalitarian state that is focused on decimating OUR / THE PEOPLE"S fundamental constitutional rights! 

Aquilina loves exerting her power and throwing people in jail! 

During Friday's hearing, Aquilina also ordered a man attempting to represent Pavlos-Hackney as "assistance of counsel" to be arrested for contempt of court because he allegedly had represented himself as a lawyer when he was not licensed to practice. Richard Martin, who described himself as a constitutional lawyer and is the founder of the Constitutional Law Group, was ordered to serve 93 days in jail.

Aquilina threatened supporters in the courtroom with contempt of court when they made noise during the court hearing. The judge gaveled down Pavlos-Hackney when the restaurant owner tried to interrupt the judge. 

"This isn’t Burger King," Aquilina said. "When the sign changes to Burger King, you can have it your way.”

After the hearing, two supporters of Pavlos-Hackney stood outside the courthouse with bullhorns, calling Aquilina a "tyrant judge."


Clearly, Aqualina was upset that another woman was gaining the spotlight over her.  So, Aqualina being an old shriveled up shrew, had to gain her power back by screaming and threatening like the tyrant she is. 

I say enough is enough! 

You can help Marlena by supporting her legal fund here:

WE CAN REPORT Rosemarie E Aquilina to the Bar Association!

We can make a difference and have the Bar Association investigate Rosemarie for her tyrannical practices!  HAVE HER DISBARRED! 



So, Stand Up Michigan is going to be scraping up the leftover crumbs after the battle is over, to try and grab what glory is left.  Word is, they will be actually having an event at the now boarded up bistro! This will do a lot of good right? SMH...  Too late for that now!

Wouldn't it make more sense to hold a rally or protest at the actual Jail Marlena is being held at?  Or the court that unconstitutionally sentenced her?

Where are you Stand Up Michigan when it really matters?  Where were you yesterday? Why do you always try and take the glory from every situation  and claim it as some cause you have started and worked to achieve?  

EDIT: Since I have published this article, Jeff Simpson from Stand Up Michigan reached out to me VIA text message with this:

The story behind this?  Anthony Semler (The Semlers that Jeff Simpson is referring to in his text message to me) was able to recap some of what transpired with his reply to Jeff Simpson. 


"Not sure why it is so hard for you to keep our names out of your mouth.

The problem between us has absolutely nothing to do with John and Rachel. But deep down I'm pretty sure you already know that Jeff."


As far as, "What has Clore done?"  Shall I make a list?  Well I started one here but the list started to get too long and I did not want to seem egotistical like some people. 

List 1

I also put together a petition to go after the mainstream media for violation of the FCC Rule: Broadcasting False Information Act  with 4,252 signers

And to add, I built this "little page" because conservatives are being censored on social media.  But don't worry, this "little page" gets hardly any traffic!  😊

This is all the traffic I was able to get, since I created the website on December 29, 2020. 

Oversight Committee Hearings I Attend Weekly

Yes, this is me behind Steve Johnson at the oversight committee 

I also investigated and brought to light the Deloitte Scandal with not just 1, but many articles.  And I am the only one who has put the pieces together on this issue.  I am also attending weekly House Oversight Committee Hearings to let all reps know what is going on with Deloitte and the Michigan Unemployment Fraud.

This would be me again behind Patrick Outman at the House Oversight Committee.

I am also working with certain reps to take on the new bill HB 5812 that is trying to place more government oversight on the recycling industry here in Michigan.

So aside from my activism and being assaulted by the left, my vehicle was damaged and neighbors went to war with me, I have sacrificed A LOT! 

I DO NOT GET PAID TO DO THIS!  (I am actually paying to do this. I am not getting donations and I work from my personal budget)

I am only 1 man and these are some of the things I have done.


So now that you want to keep score, my question to Jeff Simpson, what have you done? 
"Let's Compare"

Instead of lashing out whenever Stand Up Michigan is questioned, just explain what in the hell you guys are doing exactly!


Jeff Simpson's relationship to Garrett Soldano and Stand Up Michigan is questionable ❤️❤️❤️



Meanwhile, A Real Patriot Makes A Stand! 

Duane Gritter, who drives 100 miles to make a stand in support of Marlena and Liberty by holding a overnight vigil. He will be there every night until Marlena is released. 

"I just want Marlena to know that she has somebody out here"  

We spoke with Duane for a good while, as a Deputy Sheriff Patrol Officer came by to check and see if everything was OK and if we needed anything. 

I commend Duane for actually doing something, and this is a perfect example of things that can be done! 

"Anybody can do this and people have showed up today.  There was a couple here earlier who must have seen my Facebook post."  Said Duane with compassion and enthusiasm behind his voice. 

We should all let Duane's action resonate how sometimes it only takes 1 to make a difference. 

Thank you Mr. Gritter! 

You can help Marlena by supporting her legal fund here:

Written by John Clore
3/20/2021 Edited 3/21/2021

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  • Ignorance prevails. This judge needs to be humbled, and informed that true science says the CCP virus did not return in the fall of 2020, that we are not in the middle of a pandemic, the pandemic is ancient history and questionable even at that, and real science says masks don’t work, social distancing doesn’t work, and closing restaurants doesn’t work, and therefore this is totally CCP applied communism. This Nazi-German-born rosacrucian aqualina must be made to pay reparations to this principled and informed restaurant owner, even if it means seizure of all her ill-gotten assets. She looks like a fan of Wretched Witchmer and a satan-worshipper just like that archon governor.

  • This low rent Charro should be removed from the bench. She belongs in some Latin American banana Republic, not the U.S. Jailing people illegally. Gross abuse of judicial power.


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