THEY’RE BACK: Less Than 48 Hours After Facebook Deletes Patriotic 1.7 Million Member Group “Joe Biden Is Not My President!” Without Any Warning, A New Group With The Same Name Reaches Nearly 200k Members




Trending: CENSORSHIP: Facebook Deletes 1.7 Million Member Group ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’ With NO WARNING Or Explanation

This sort of disgusting anti-American censorship of conservatives remains possible because spineless Republicans in Congress refuse to pass a bill to eliminate Section 230 projections for giant social media companies.

Section 230 protects far-left tech companies from being sued because they are incorrectly classified as “neutral platforms” instead of publishers.

Now, in less than 48 hours since Facebook deleted the original group, a new ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’ group ran by the same admins has already gained nearly 200,000 members.

The official Parler account for the group has already gained 45,000 followers.



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