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VIDEO: COVID MAN on InfoWars National File with Tom Tappert 2/14/21

VIDEO: COVID MAN on InfoWars National File with Tom Tappert 2/14/21

by John Clore

11 months ago




John Clore as Covid Man

Getting ready and pretty excited to be on InfoWars!  I have always been a fan and a little nervous, but confident that it will go pretty good. 


I have everything setup!  My new camera setup, greenscreen, mic, lights!  Everything is perfectly setup and ready to go.  Even have background videos to change when telling the story.  IT LOOKS GREAT!

Uh, my camera battery just died.  That sucks.  I had OBS, with greenscreen to go through different background videos I had downloaded to go along with the story.  On the greenscreen display was Corona Virus, then flashing police lights to signify "Covid Police."  I also had video of the Covid Camps.  You know, the place they will send you for thinking freely.   

OK, now to find my battery charger and hopefully get some charge, as I only have about 15 minutes until airtime!  SHIT!  I can't find my damn charger anywhere!  Well, I found my spare battery instead and it has charge!  Yeah!!!

Hooked my cam back up and managed to get OBS working again! 

Time to put on my suit!  Its going to get hot and I am not looking forward to this. Let me turn on this little desk fan so I can get some air while I sit here and bake in my HazMat Suit.  It's getting hotter.  Damnit the fan is blowing my greenscreen around now!   Turn off the fan...  It's HOT... 

Skype call comes in.  It's InfoWars and they can't see my video.  GREAT!  This is going so well!  Guy on the phone(I think he is a studio tech), "I'll have to call you back to see if we can get video"  I say, OK while keeping the faith that it will work this time around.  Calls back: NOPE, still no video..  

So, now I am really loving technology right about now. I tell the tech that I have OBS running and using skype but something must be conflicting.  I will try  to restart my skype on my end.  "OK, I'll give you 2 min" replied the tech.   I shut down OBS and restart skype.  The call comes back in.  "OK I can see you now." Replies the tech.  

Great now I am in a mood. Hot, frustrated and now that my background videos are not going to be working as planned, my entire script and idea is scrapped.  Going to have to ad lib.  

It all started when I had the idea after seeing this on TV

Sitting back and having a few beers while watching TV one night, I see this horrifying image displayed. 

WTF?  Is this guy for real?  lol WOW!  At first I was laughing, but then I became pissed off due to the fact that this guy is continuing the lie!  Trying to keep people in fear like a true DemoRat.  I have to do something!

Bullhorns are overplayed and you cannot show any anger or frustration because the left media will use that and spin it against you, making you look like a fool.  So what can I do to have a positive impact?  What can I do?

Adam Boyd of TRTMichigan  who contacted Tom Tappert to setup Article and Interview

Borat was my first thought. 

The green suspender G-String that Borat wears wouldn't look too bad at the capitol I guess.  But, it's too damn cold!  But, making people laugh was something that stuck and I knew I had to work on.  Laughter is something that we all need right now.  Laughter is something that brings people together and what better way then to laugh at the ones that deserved to be laughed at.  But, not just laugh by pointing and covering your mouth while snickering.  I mean laugh by being them 1000% able to show them how stupid and ridiculous they actually look!

One More Beer!   

My wife started looking up Covid costumes.  I wanted to get a Halloween costume because I knew that would be breathable, and that would make it a lot more tolerable to wear.  But Halloween costumes were tripled in price compared to an actual HazMat suit.  

Next, she found a video of a guy who used a laundry basket, wrapped it in a shower curtain and made a makeshift Covid Helmet that looked hilarious!  Yes, the video and guy making it were real.  lol


I placed the order for the Chinese Flag to a flag company, but made sure to include a note when purchasing.  "This flag is totally a gag gift!"  just in case. 

It took about 1 week to show up.  At first I was going to use the flag like a shaw, just wrap it around my neck, but my wife suggested using it as a cape.  Once I did, the entire ensemble came together like angels singing in the clouds.  It was magical. 

Thursday came up FAST.  The day I had to go to the Michigan House Committee (Our Lawmakers) as Covid Man and I was nervous as all hell. 

15 min before leaving the house and my heart was about to leave my chest.  

Once I opened the door to the Anderson Building, I was suddenly OK and immediately stepped into character.  It was time to do this! See article here

VIDEO: ‘Pandemic Superhero’ Named ‘COVID Man’ Attends Michigan House Oversight Committee, Mocks Them To Their Faces

So without further ado, see the InfoWars National File Interview Below..



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