Big Pharma Disguises COVID Vaccine as New "Anti-Tick Vaccine"

NEW HAVEN, Conn. ( – A vaccine for Lyme disease may soon provide groundbreaking protection against the tick-borne illness. Researchers from Yale University say the new formula is very similar to the vaccine for COVID-19 and successfully defended guinea pigs bitten by a Lyme-carrying tick.

WoodTV Reports

Instead of causing the immune system to spring into action to fight Lyme disease, the vaccine actually attacks the root of the problem — the tick’s saliva. Study authors say the new vaccine immediately creates a response in the bite victim’s skin, limiting the amount of time a tick has to feed and infect the host. This vaccine also uses the same mRNA technology the COVID vaccines use to protect patients.

Detroit News Reports

New tool emerging in fight against Lyme disease as ticks spread in Michigan

As black-legged ticks crawl their way across Michigan, scientists hope a new vaccine in development could make their presence less menacing.

The vaccine would rob the ticks of a trait that makes them exceptional vectors for Lyme disease: the ability to bite and suck blood without notice, latching on long enough to pass bacteria to their host human.


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