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HR 60 which gives Michigan Legislation subpoena powers to further investigate the Robert Gordon payoff controversy, passed the house yesterday in a 59 – 50 decision. 

We reported on transparency and how HR 60 would get passed and Robert Gordon will be subpoenaed to testify here:  READ STORY

No doubt, this will give legislators the power to subpoena governor Gretchen Whitmer to the committee hearing, to demand answers about her travels out of state during the unconstitutional lockdown orders. 

The Michigan GOP met yesterday to discuss this very topic

Michigan GOP Issues Statement About Governor Whitmer’s Travels During Lockdown Mandates

Michigan Representative Steve Johnson stated:

“The House passed my resolution, HR 60. This grants the Oversight Committee subpoena power to investigate severance payments to former MDHHS Director Robert Gordon. The Oversight Committee will be pursuing a subpoena of former Director Gordon at this Thursday’s committee hearing. It’s time the people of Michigan get some answers.”



Ultimately, the people want justice.  Justice requires accountability.  It is time we start holding accountability on elected officials that abuse their powers. 

Written by John Clore

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