Michigan Legislators Propose Bills To Allow Illegal Immigrants Ability To Vote and Drive!

Once again, Us Against Media is bringing you BREAKING news on Michigan Legislative BAD BILLS!  How do we know about these bills?  It is because we attend committee meetings and get involved with the process… 

Where is Stand Up Michigan?  In the back with the crickets.  Again, Stand Up Michigan is never there when it really matters.

And where are the people talking trash on Facebook?  Too busy talking trash on Facebook, that’s where…

That’s why, actions will always speak louder than words… 

Within the first sentence of HB 4835 and SB 433, the text in red is lined out:

“Resident” means every person who resides in this state. and establishes that he or she is legally present in the United States.”

In reading about House Bills 4835 and 4836, I was able to find identical bills proposed on the Senate side as well. These Senate Bills are 433 and 434. These legislators are really desperate coming from both sides of the House and Senate to push these through, hoping no one will notice.

In all 4 of these bills, the text in “new” Section 1b states:

“the department of state shall issue an official state personal identification card to an applicant who is unable to submit sufficient documents to verify his or her identity and legal presence in the United States”

Which as you know, when you apply with the SOS to get a driver’s license, you’re given the option to vote as well. Well folks, step right up! Here’s the beginning of Biden’s voters! Aren’t you excited? I can hear the circus music now!

House Bills 4835 and 4836 will be up for discussion in the Rules and Competitiveness Committee on Tuesday, September 14th at 12pm at House Appropriations Room 352 at the Lansing State Capitol.

Senate Bills 433 and 434 have been referred to the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on May 11, 2021. It has yet to be scheduled.

You can read all 4 bills below:

HB 4835
HB 4836
SB 433
SB 434


Bill Sponsers:

Rep. Padma Kuppa [D]
Rep. Rachel Hood [D]
Rep. Lori Stone [D]
Rep. Kara Hope [D]
Rep. Shri Thanedar [D]
Rep. Samantha Steckloff [D]
Rep. Christine Morse [D]
Rep. David LaGrand [D]
Rep. Felicia Brabec [D]
Rep. John Cherry [D]
Rep. Tyrone Carter [D]
Rep. Ranjeev Puri [D]
Rep. Amos O’Neal [D]
Rep. Cynthia Johnson [D]
Rep. Abraham Aiyash [D]
Rep. Brenda Carter [D]

You can testify via Zoom by contacting the chair’s office at the following email address.  But the chair is a proven RINO and probably will suppress attempts at allowing people to testify VIA Zoom:



Or show up in person to testify against this bill, at 100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933 at 12:00 PM Room 352

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