Michigan Senate Bill 250 Will Give More Power To Shut Down State! - Us Against Media

MI Republicans have unanimously voted in the Senate to pass a law in Michigan that will give the governor and republican legislators power to shut down the state based on results of the PCR test.  This is going to continue this nightmare and we cannot let our voices go unheard. We still have time to stop it in the Michigan House of Representatives.



You can read the bill here:  http://legislature.mi.gov/(S(gdjk42v0ptem40jxhpdjcpz1))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=2021-SB-0250


Here is a petition (will take you 30 seconds max to complete) that will allow you to send an auto-generated email voicing your opposition to the bill directly to your Michigan State Representative:



Please forward this to anyone you know who opposes being locked down again. 

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