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On Agreeing to the Resolution: H RES 179 Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1) For the People Act and providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1280) George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

This was a vote to pass a bill or agree to a resolution in the House.


All Votes D R
Yea 51%
Nay 49%
Not Voting

Passed. Simple Majority Required. Source: house.gov.


Ideology Vote Chart


Democrat – Yea Democrat – Nay Republican – Nay

Seat position based on our ideology score.

Vote Details

Statistically Notable Votes

Vote District Party Representative
Nay ME 2nd   D   Golden, Jared
Vote District Party Representative
Nay WI 3rd   D   Kind, Ron
Vote District Party Representative

Statistically notable votes are the votes that are most surprising, or least predictable, given how other members of each voter’s party voted and other factors.

All Votes

Vote District Party Representative
Nay AL 1st   R   Carl, Jerry
Nay AL 2nd   R   Moore, Barry
Nay AL 3rd   R   Rogers, Mike
Nay AL 4th   R   Aderholt, Robert
Nay AL 5th   R   Brooks, Mo
Nay AL 6th   R   Palmer, Gary
Yea AL 7th   D   Sewell, Terri
No Vote AK   R   Young, Don
Yea AZ 1st   D   O’Halleran, Tom
Yea AZ 2nd   D   Kirkpatrick, Ann
Yea AZ 3rd   D   Grijalva, Raúl
Nay AZ 4th   R   Gosar, Paul
Nay AZ 5th   R   Biggs, Andy
Nay AZ 6th   R   Schweikert, David
Yea AZ 7th   D   Gallego, Ruben
Nay AZ 8th   R   Lesko, Debbie
Yea AZ 9th   D   Stanton, Greg
Nay AR 1st   R   Crawford, Eric
Nay AR 2nd   R   Hill, French
Nay AR 3rd   R   Womack, Steve
Nay AR 4th   R   Westerman, Bruce
Nay CA 1st   R   LaMalfa, Doug
Yea CA 2nd   D   Huffman, Jared
Yea CA 3rd   D   Garamendi, John
Nay CA 4th   R   McClintock, Tom
Yea CA 5th   D   Thompson, Mike
Yea CA 6th   D   Matsui, Doris
Yea CA 7th   D   Bera, Ami
Nay CA 8th   R   Obernolte, Jay
Yea CA 9th   D   McNerney, Jerry
Yea CA 10th   D   Harder, Josh
Yea CA 11th   D   DeSaulnier, Mark
Yea CA 13th   D   Lee, Barbara
Yea CA 14th   D   Speier, Jackie
Yea CA 15th   D   Swalwell, Eric
Yea CA 16th   D   Costa, Jim
Yea CA 17th   D   Khanna, Ro
Yea CA 18th   D   Eshoo, Anna
Yea CA 19th   D   Lofgren, Zoe
Yea CA 20th   D   Panetta, Jimmy
Nay CA 21st   R   Valadao, David
Nay CA 22nd   R   Nunes, Devin
Nay CA 23rd   R   McCarthy, Kevin
Yea CA 24th   D   Carbajal, Salud
Nay CA 25th   R   Garcia, Mike
Yea CA 26th   D   Brownley, Julia
Yea CA 27th   D   Chu, Judy
Yea CA 28th   D   Schiff, Adam
Yea CA 29th   D   Cárdenas, Tony
Yea CA 30th   D   Sherman, Brad
Yea CA 31st   D   Aguilar, Pete
Yea CA 32nd   D   Napolitano, Grace
Yea CA 33rd   D   Lieu, Ted
Yea CA 34th   D   Gomez, Jimmy
Yea CA 35th   D   Torres, Norma
Yea CA 36th   D   Ruiz, Raul
Yea CA 37th   D   Bass, Karen
Yea CA 38th   D   Sánchez, Linda
Nay CA 39th   R   Kim, Young
Yea CA 40th   D   Roybal-Allard, Lucille
Yea CA 41st   D   Takano, Mark
Nay CA 42nd   R   Calvert, Ken
Yea CA 43rd   D   Waters, Maxine
Yea CA 44th   D   Barragán, Nanette
Yea CA 45th   D   Porter, Katie
Yea CA 46th   D   Correa, Luis
Yea CA 47th   D   Lowenthal, Alan
Nay CA 48th   R   Steel, Michelle
Yea CA 49th   D   Levin, Mike
Nay CA 50th   R   Issa, Darrell
Yea CA 51st   D   Vargas, Juan
Yea CA 52nd   D   Peters, Scott
Yea CA 53rd   D   Jacobs, Sara
Yea CO 1st   D   DeGette, Diana
Yea CO 2nd   D   Neguse, Joe
Nay CO 3rd   R   Boebert, Lauren
Nay CO 4th   R   Buck, Ken
Nay CO 5th   R   Lamborn, Doug
Yea CO 6th   D   Crow, Jason
Yea CO 7th   D   Perlmutter, Ed
Yea CT 1st   D   Larson, John
Yea CT 2nd   D   Courtney, Joe
Yea CT 3rd   D   DeLauro, Rosa
Yea CT 4th   D   Himes, James
Yea CT 5th   D   Hayes, Jahana
Yea DE   D   Blunt Rochester, Lisa
Nay FL 1st   R   Gaetz, Matt
Nay FL 2nd   R   Dunn, Neal
Nay FL 3rd   R   Cammack, Kat
Nay FL 4th   R   Rutherford, John
Yea FL 5th   D   Lawson, Al
Nay FL 6th   R   Waltz, Michael
Yea FL 7th   D   Murphy, Stephanie
Nay FL 8th   R   Posey, Bill
Yea FL 9th   D   Soto, Darren
Yea FL 10th   D   Demings, Val
Nay FL 11th   R   Webster, Daniel
Nay FL 12th   R   Bilirakis, Gus
Yea FL 13th   D   Crist, Charlie
Yea FL 14th   D   Castor, Kathy
Nay FL 15th   R   Franklin, Scott
Nay FL 16th   R   Buchanan, Vern
Nay FL 17th   R   Steube, Gregory
Nay FL 18th   R   Mast, Brian
Nay FL 19th   R   Donalds, Byron
Yea FL 20th   D   Hastings, Alcee
Yea FL 21st   D   Frankel, Lois
Yea FL 22nd   D   Deutch, Ted
Yea FL 23rd   D   Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
Yea FL 24th   D   Wilson, Frederica
Nay FL 25th   R   Diaz-Balart, Mario
Nay FL 26th   R   Gimenez, Carlos
Nay FL 27th   R   Salazar, Maria
Nay GA 1st   R   Carter, Earl
Yea GA 2nd   D   Bishop, Sanford
Nay GA 3rd   R   Ferguson, Drew
Yea GA 4th   D   Johnson, Hank
Yea GA 5th   D   Williams, Nikema
Yea GA 6th   D   McBath, Lucy
Yea GA 7th   D   Bourdeaux, Carolyn
Nay GA 8th   R   Scott, Austin
Nay GA 9th   R   Clyde, Andrew
Nay GA 10th   R   Hice, Jody
No Vote GA 11th   R   Loudermilk, Barry
Nay GA 12th   R   Allen, Rick
Yea GA 13th   D   Scott, David
Nay GA 14th   R   Greene, Marjorie
Yea HI 1st   D   Case, Ed
Yea HI 2nd   D   Kahele, Kaialiʻi
Nay ID 1st   R   Fulcher, Russ
Nay ID 2nd   R   Simpson, Mike
Yea IL 1st   D   Rush, Bobby
Yea IL 2nd   D   Kelly, Robin
Yea IL 3rd   D   Newman, Marie
Yea IL 4th   D   García, Chuy
Yea IL 5th   D   Quigley, Mike
Yea IL 6th   D   Casten, Sean
Yea IL 7th   D   Davis, Danny
Yea IL 8th   D   Krishnamoorthi, Raja
Yea IL 9th   D   Schakowsky, Jan
Yea IL 10th   D   Schneider, Brad
Yea IL 11th   D   Foster, Bill
Nay IL 12th   R   Bost, Mike
Nay IL 13th   R   Davis, Rodney
Yea IL 14th   D   Underwood, Lauren
Nay IL 15th   R   Miller, Mary
Nay IL 16th   R   Kinzinger, Adam
Yea IL 17th   D   Bustos, Cheri
Vote District Party Representative
Nay IL 18th   R   LaHood, Darin
Yea IN 1st   D   Mrvan, Frank
Nay IN 2nd   R   Walorski, Jackie
Nay IN 3rd   R   Banks, Jim
Nay IN 4th   R   Baird, James
Nay IN 5th   R   Spartz, Victoria
Nay IN 6th   R   Pence, Greg
Yea IN 7th   D   Carson, André
Nay IN 8th   R   Bucshon, Larry
Nay IN 9th   R   Hollingsworth, Trey
Nay IA 1st   R   Hinson, Ashley
Nay IA 2nd   R   Miller-Meeks, Mariannette
Yea IA 3rd   D   Axne, Cynthia
Nay IA 4th   R   Feenstra, Randy
Nay KS 1st   R   Mann, Tracey
Nay KS 2nd   R   LaTurner, Jake
Yea KS 3rd   D   Davids, Sharice
Nay KS 4th   R   Estes, Ron
Nay KY 1st   R   Comer, James
Nay KY 2nd   R   Guthrie, Brett
Yea KY 3rd   D   Yarmuth, John
Nay KY 4th   R   Massie, Thomas
Nay KY 5th   R   Rogers, Hal
Nay KY 6th   R   Barr, Andy
Nay LA 1st   R   Scalise, Steve
Nay LA 3rd   R   Higgins, Clay
Nay LA 4th   R   Johnson, Mike
Nay LA 6th   R   Graves, Garret
Yea ME 1st   D   Pingree, Chellie
Nay ME 2nd   D   Golden, Jared
Nay MD 1st   R   Harris, Andy
Yea MD 2nd   D   Ruppersberger, A. Dutch
Yea MD 3rd   D   Sarbanes, John
Yea MD 4th   D   Brown, Anthony
Yea MD 5th   D   Hoyer, Steny
Yea MD 6th   D   Trone, David
Yea MD 7th   D   Mfume, Kweisi
Yea MD 8th   D   Raskin, Jamie
Yea MA 1st   D   Neal, Richard
Yea MA 2nd   D   McGovern, Jim
Yea MA 3rd   D   Trahan, Lori
Yea MA 4th   D   Auchincloss, Jake
Yea MA 5th   D   Clark, Katherine
Yea MA 6th   D   Moulton, Seth
Yea MA 7th   D   Pressley, Ayanna
Yea MA 8th   D   Lynch, Stephen
Yea MA 9th   D   Keating, William
Nay MI 1st   R   Bergman, Jack
Nay MI 2nd   R   Huizenga, Bill
Nay MI 3rd   R   Meijer, Peter
Nay MI 4th   R   Moolenaar, John
Yea MI 5th   D   Kildee, Daniel
Nay MI 6th   R   Upton, Fred
Nay MI 7th   R   Walberg, Tim
Yea MI 8th   D   Slotkin, Elissa
Yea MI 9th   D   Levin, Andy
Nay MI 10th   R   McClain, Lisa
Yea MI 11th   D   Stevens, Haley
Yea MI 12th   D   Dingell, Debbie
Yea MI 13th   D   Tlaib, Rashida
Yea MI 14th   D   Lawrence, Brenda
Nay MN 1st   R   Hagedorn, Jim
Yea MN 2nd   D   Craig, Angie
Yea MN 3rd   D   Phillips, Dean
Yea MN 4th   D   McCollum, Betty
Yea MN 5th   D   Omar, Ilhan
Nay MN 6th   R   Emmer, Tom
Nay MN 7th   R   Fischbach, Michelle
Nay MN 8th   R   Stauber, Pete
Nay MS 1st   R   Kelly, Trent
Yea MS 2nd   D   Thompson, Bennie
Nay MS 3rd   R   Guest, Michael
Nay MS 4th   R   Palazzo, Steven
Yea MO 1st   D   Bush, Cori
Nay MO 2nd   R   Wagner, Ann
Nay MO 3rd   R   Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Nay MO 4th   R   Hartzler, Vicky
Yea MO 5th   D   Cleaver, Emanuel
No Vote MO 6th   R   Graves, Sam
Nay MO 7th   R   Long, Billy
Nay MO 8th   R   Smith, Jason
Nay MT   R   Rosendale, Matthew
Nay NE 1st   R   Fortenberry, Jeff
Nay NE 2nd   R   Bacon, Don
Nay NE 3rd   R   Smith, Adrian
Yea NV 1st   D   Titus, Dina
Nay NV 2nd   R   Amodei, Mark
Yea NV 3rd   D   Lee, Susie
Yea NV 4th   D   Horsford, Steven
New Hampshire
Yea NH 1st   D   Pappas, Chris
Yea NH 2nd   D   Kuster, Ann
New Jersey
Yea NJ 1st   D   Norcross, Donald
Nay NJ 2nd   R   Van Drew, Jefferson
Yea NJ 3rd   D   Kim, Andy
Nay NJ 4th   R   Smith, Chris
Yea NJ 5th   D   Gottheimer, Josh
Yea NJ 6th   D   Pallone, Frank
Yea NJ 7th   D   Malinowski, Tom
Yea NJ 8th   D   Sires, Albio
Yea NJ 9th   D   Pascrell, Bill
Yea NJ 10th   D   Payne, Donald
Yea NJ 11th   D   Sherrill, Mikie
Yea NJ 12th   D   Watson Coleman, Bonnie
New Mexico
Yea NM 1st   D   Haaland, Debra
Nay NM 2nd   R   Herrell, Yvette
Yea NM 3rd   D   Leger Fernandez, Teresa
New York
Nay NY 1st   R   Zeldin, Lee
Nay NY 2nd   R   Garbarino, Andrew
Yea NY 3rd   D   Suozzi, Thomas
Yea NY 4th   D   Rice, Kathleen
Yea NY 5th   D   Meeks, Gregory
Yea NY 6th   D   Meng, Grace
Yea NY 7th   D   Velázquez, Nydia
Yea NY 8th   D   Jeffries, Hakeem
Yea NY 9th   D   Clarke, Yvette
Yea NY 10th   D   Nadler, Jerrold
Nay NY 11th   R   Malliotakis, Nicole
Yea NY 12th   D   Maloney, Carolyn
Yea NY 13th   D   Espaillat, Adriano
Yea NY 14th   D   Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria
Yea NY 15th   D   Torres, Ritchie
Yea NY 16th   D   Bowman, Jamaal
Yea NY 17th   D   Jones, Mondaire
Yea NY 18th   D   Maloney, Sean
Yea NY 19th   D   Delgado, Antonio
Yea NY 20th   D   Tonko, Paul
Nay NY 21st   R   Stefanik, Elise
Nay NY 22nd   R   Tenney, Claudia
Nay NY 23rd   R   Reed, Tom
Nay NY 24th   R   Katko, John
Yea NY 25th   D   Morelle, Joseph
Yea NY 26th   D   Higgins, Brian
Nay NY 27th   R   Jacobs, Chris
North Carolina
Yea NC 1st   D   Butterfield, G.K.
Yea NC 2nd   D   Ross, Deborah
Nay NC 3rd   R   Murphy, Gregory
Yea NC 4th   D   Price, David
Nay NC 5th   R   Foxx, Virginia
Yea NC 6th   D   Manning, Kathy
Nay NC 7th   R   Rouzer, David
Nay NC 8th   R   Hudson, Richard
Vote District Party Representative
Nay NC 9th   R   Bishop, Dan
Nay NC 10th   R   McHenry, Patrick
Nay NC 11th   R   Cawthorn, David
Yea NC 12th   D   Adams, Alma
Nay NC 13th   R   Budd, Ted
North Dakota
Nay ND   R   Armstrong, Kelly
Nay OH 1st   R   Chabot, Steve
Nay OH 2nd   R   Wenstrup, Brad
Yea OH 3rd   D   Beatty, Joyce
Nay OH 4th   R   Jordan, Jim
Nay OH 5th   R   Latta, Robert
Nay OH 6th   R   Johnson, Bill
Nay OH 7th   R   Gibbs, Bob
Nay OH 8th   R   Davidson, Warren
Yea OH 9th   D   Kaptur, Marcy
Nay OH 10th   R   Turner, Michael
Yea OH 11th   D   Fudge, Marcia
Nay OH 12th   R   Balderson, Troy
Yea OH 13th   D   Ryan, Tim
Nay OH 14th   R   Joyce, David
Nay OH 15th   R   Stivers, Steve
Nay OH 16th   R   Gonzalez, Anthony
Nay OK 1st   R   Hern, Kevin
Nay OK 2nd   R   Mullin, Markwayne
Nay OK 3rd   R   Lucas, Frank
Nay OK 4th   R   Cole, Tom
Nay OK 5th   R   Bice, Stephanie
Yea OR 1st   D   Bonamici, Suzanne
Nay OR 2nd   R   Bentz, Cliff
Yea OR 3rd   D   Blumenauer, Earl
Yea OR 4th   D   DeFazio, Peter
Yea OR 5th   D   Schrader, Kurt
Nay PA 1st   R   Fitzpatrick, Brian
Yea PA 2nd   D   Boyle, Brendan
Yea PA 3rd   D   Evans, Dwight
Yea PA 4th   D   Dean, Madeleine
Yea PA 5th   D   Scanlon, Mary
Yea PA 6th   D   Houlahan, Chrissy
Yea PA 7th   D   Wild, Susan
Yea PA 8th   D   Cartwright, Matt
Nay PA 9th   R   Meuser, Daniel
Nay PA 10th   R   Perry, Scott
Nay PA 11th   R   Smucker, Lloyd
Nay PA 12th   R   Keller, Fred
Nay PA 13th   R   Joyce, John
Nay PA 14th   R   Reschenthaler, Guy
Nay PA 15th   R   Thompson, Glenn
Nay PA 16th   R   Kelly, Mike
Yea PA 17th   D   Lamb, Conor
Yea PA 18th   D   Doyle, Michael
Rhode Island
Yea RI 1st   D   Cicilline, David
Yea RI 2nd   D   Langevin, Jim
South Carolina
Nay SC 1st   R   Mace, Nancy
Nay SC 2nd   R   Wilson, Joe
Nay SC 3rd   R   Duncan, Jeff
Nay SC 4th   R   Timmons, William
Nay SC 5th   R   Norman, Ralph
Yea SC 6th   D   Clyburn, Jim
Nay SC 7th   R   Rice, Tom
South Dakota
Nay SD   R   Johnson, Dusty
Nay TN 1st   R   Harshbarger, Diana
Nay TN 2nd   R   Burchett, Tim
Nay TN 3rd   R   Fleischmann, Chuck
Nay TN 4th   R   DesJarlais, Scott
Yea TN 5th   D   Cooper, Jim
Nay TN 6th   R   Rose, John
Nay TN 7th   R   Green, Mark
Nay TN 8th   R   Kustoff, David
Yea TN 9th   D   Cohen, Steve
Nay TX 1st   R   Gohmert, Louie
No Vote TX 2nd   R   Crenshaw, Dan
Nay TX 3rd   R   Taylor, Van
Nay TX 4th   R   Fallon, Pat
Nay TX 5th   R   Gooden, Lance
Yea TX 7th   D   Fletcher, Lizzie
Nay TX 8th   R   Brady, Kevin
Yea TX 9th   D   Green, Al
Nay TX 10th   R   McCaul, Michael
Nay TX 11th   R   Pfluger, August
Nay TX 12th   R   Granger, Kay
Nay TX 13th   R   Jackson, Ronny
Nay TX 14th   R   Weber, Randy
Yea TX 15th   D   Gonzalez, Vicente
Yea TX 16th   D   Escobar, Veronica
No Vote TX 17th   R   Sessions, Pete
Yea TX 18th   D   Jackson Lee, Sheila
Nay TX 19th   R   Arrington, Jodey
Yea TX 20th   D   Castro, Joaquin
Nay TX 21st   R   Roy, Chip
Nay TX 22nd   R   Nehls, Troy
Nay TX 23rd   R   Gonzales, Tony
Nay TX 24th   R   Van Duyne, Beth
Nay TX 25th   R   Williams, Roger
Nay TX 26th   R   Burgess, Michael
Nay TX 27th   R   Cloud, Michael
Yea TX 28th   D   Cuellar, Henry
Yea TX 29th   D   Garcia, Sylvia
Yea TX 30th   D   Johnson, Eddie
Nay TX 31st   R   Carter, John
Yea TX 32nd   D   Allred, Colin
Yea TX 33rd   D   Veasey, Marc
Yea TX 34th   D   Vela, Filemon
Yea TX 35th   D   Doggett, Lloyd
Nay TX 36th   R   Babin, Brian
Nay UT 1st   R   Moore, Blake
Nay UT 2nd   R   Stewart, Chris
Nay UT 3rd   R   Curtis, John
Nay UT 4th   R   Owens, Burgess
Yea VT   D   Welch, Peter
No Vote VA 1st   R   Wittman, Robert
Yea VA 2nd   D   Luria, Elaine
Yea VA 3rd   D   Scott, Bobby
Yea VA 4th   D   McEachin, Donald
Nay VA 5th   R   Good, Bob
Nay VA 6th   R   Cline, Ben
Yea VA 7th   D   Spanberger, Abigail
Yea VA 8th   D   Beyer, Donald
Nay VA 9th   R   Griffith, Morgan
Yea VA 10th   D   Wexton, Jennifer
Yea VA 11th   D   Connolly, Gerald
Yea WA 1st   D   DelBene, Suzan
Yea WA 2nd   D   Larsen, Rick
Nay WA 3rd   R   Herrera Beutler, Jaime
Nay WA 4th   R   Newhouse, Dan
Nay WA 5th   R   Rodgers, Cathy
Yea WA 6th   D   Kilmer, Derek
Yea WA 7th   D   Jayapal, Pramila
Yea WA 8th   D   Schrier, Kim
Yea WA 9th   D   Smith, Adam
Yea WA 10th   D   Strickland, Marilyn
West Virginia
Nay WV 1st   R   McKinley, David
Nay WV 2nd   R   Mooney, Alexander
Nay WV 3rd   R   Miller, Carol
Nay WI 1st   R   Steil, Bryan
Yea WI 2nd   D   Pocan, Mark
Nay WI 3rd   D   Kind, Ron
Yea WI 4th   D   Moore, Gwen
Nay WI 5th   R   Fitzgerald, Scott
Nay WI 6th   R   Grothman, Glenn
Nay WI 7th   R   Tiffany, Thomas
Nay WI 8th   R   Gallagher, Mike
Nay WY   R   Cheney, Liz

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