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MOUNT PLEASANT- Today I had the luxury of attending a patriot gathering in Mount Pleasant, MI (Isabella County). As the packed conference room awaited the guest speakers, we said the Lord’s prayer, and the pledge of allegiance.

The wonderful “Dr. B” introduced an ER nurse (identity of both healthcare professionals, and their places of employment to remain anonymous). 

The ER nurse began with her account of the ER life “pre-COVID/vaccines.” She stated healthcare for patients used to be a lot less complicated. Patients were easy to transfer, there were no shortages of workers, and it was business as usual.

However, things in the ER have taken a dramatic turn. “Post-COVID/vaccine” health care is standing on the edge of a knife,”” she stated. “Transferring patients is nearly impossible. They are seeing increases in neurological, and heart conditions mainly in the vaccinated, and hospitalization numbers have increased prior to 2020.”

She also spoke about the lie of being over capacity. “Hospitals are not full, they are understaffed.” she said. From her testimony, I was able to gather many healthcare workers quit or were fired due to the vaccine mandates, and remaining workers are being burnt out, causing some to quit.

She stated that not all unvaccinated workers were let go (thankfully), because some were able to use exemptions. If they were to force vaccine mandates on all workers, hospitals would close. They are seeing lots COVID patients coming in for treatment, being put on Remdesivir (which is known to cause organ failure within 24-48 hours of being treated), and then intubated (put on a ventilator).

She told us that if 20 patients were on ventilators, one would come off. Meaning, only one survives. That is a 1/20 survival rate if put on a ventilator. It seems the death-to-life ratio due to their COVID protocols are more in favor of death.

Why is this COVID protocol?

She went on to explain that when unvaccinated patients come in, that her co-workers don’t want, or like to treat them. Needless to say, some people don’t receive the patient care that they were looking for. This is medical discrimination from people who swore an oath to do no harm.

Speaking of patient care, she explained another COVID protocol treatment that hospitals are using known as mAb therapy (Monoclonal Antibody Therapy). Sounds nice right? What’s in it?

  1. Unknown human sources. Meaning that we do not know who the human sources are, what part of the human sources they are using, or the health status of said human(s).
  2. Aborted fetal cells. Meaning tissues from an aborted baby. 
  3. Chimeric mouse hybrid DNA, a cancer-producing substance. Chimeric? Hybrid? Mouse? Cancer? You can do the math on this one. 

So, what is the most recent surge in Covid cases? Something called “COVID Pneumonia.” 

Dr. B and her colleague then got up to speak and explained that COVID Pneumonia is not COVID, or pneumonia. This is an allergic reaction to the spike protein being given off by the vaccinated, also known as shedding, or spike protein poisoning.

The vaccinated are spreading illnesses like a walking pathogen. (A visual if you can imagine…Picture a mushroom releasing poisonous spores into the air, contaminating everything around them. That is the vaccinated). Dr. B and her colleague went on to explain that when people get sick after being exposed to the spike protein, that on the 8th day their illness takes a turn for the worst, and they have no choice but to go to the hospital for treatment.

The problem is people are not getting the proper treatment, because COVID Pneumonia does not exist. They are having an allergic reaction that assimilates a cycloptic storm (respiratory distress).

There are some other remedies that you can ask for if you end up hospitalized:

  1. Budesonide. Also known as Symbicort, used in an inhaler for inpatient and outpatient treatment.
  2. Dexamethasone, used for inpatient and outpatient treatment.
  3. Steroid treatment. (Hospitals are refusing the use of Ivermectin, or Hydroxychloroquine for treatment.)

So why is the 8th day so specific? That’s because that’s how long it takes for the allergic reaction to assume full force. If you were diagnosed with COVID Pneumonia recently, you were most likely sick for a week, started to feel better, then became gravely ill on the 8th day with respiratory issues.

Alternative ways to help avert Spike Protein Poisoning

  1. Licorice Root, herbal steroid (not high blood pressure friendly)
  2. Ginger, herbal steroid
  3. Histablock, blocks histamine reaction
  4. Turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory
  5. Proteas (protein enzymes), tears up foreign protein
  6. Selenium & Boron, minerals taken together to help prevent viruses from attacking the immune system
  7. Quercetin, which blocks histamine reaction
  8. With all of the recent medical mistreatment, it is very important to have someone designated as your “Medical Power of Attorney.” COVID units do not allow visitors, and a lot of people do not understand how to combat the doctors when they disagree or are confused about the treatments.

Make sure you have someone you trust advocating for you. You can print off your forms from this website:


It does not need to be notarized, and only needs 2 witnesses upon signing.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, and I’m not giving medical advice. I am merely sharing information that was given to me by medical professionals who actually care about our health.

The following is a video from Registered Nurse Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC HERE

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    1. I think what people are not understanding (including some with medical training) is that the illness comes in two phases.

      The first phase is the viral replication phase, responding well to elevated doses of Zinc (stops replication of virus), Vitamin D (needed to make the initial antibodies that neutralize viruses before they enter cells), Lauricidin (highly concentrated monolaurin pellets that destroy the envelope of the virus), and Vitamin C (if oral, only liposomal form will raise blood levels high enough).

      The second phase is when the immune response (production of cytokines, etc.) is either properly regulated OR INSTEAD goes into overdrive… called a cytokine storm.

      In the first phase antivirals (taken immediately and in pharmaceutical doses, not RDA) are very helpful. However, if treatment is not instituted early enough, once the person is experiencing shortness of breath, (s)he in the latter phase of immune response and may develop massive inflammation (this can progress very quickly) and dexamethasone (which is a steroid) must be used AGGRESSIVELY to shut down the hyperinflammation causing destruction of tissues.

      The ventilator, although it tends to promote fibrosis over time due to its mechanical effects, is not what is killing people; a need for its use is an indicator that the immune response has destroyed so much lung tissue that the person can no longer adequately sustain their oxygen levels and/or breathing efforts. BiPAP machines were shunned, due to fear of producing viral aerosols. The hope, nevertheless, was that it mechanized support would sustain life long enough for intervention (steroids, n-acetylcysteine, vitamin C infusion, etc.) to arrest the cytokine storm/sepsis.

      Sadly, this is rarely possible. That’s why it’s important to be preventive… Vitamin D lab level of at least 50… which is not really possible without supplementation among people living in northern latitudes, or darker skinned people living any significant distance from the Equator..

      It’s not racist medical personnel that have caused the harsher effect of COVID on people of color; it’s the fact that darker skin has greater sun resistance and, therefore, makes less Vitamin D during sun exposure… but any narrative the WOKE community can promote to create racial disharmony seems to be popular. Unfortunately, NO AMOUNT of DEI programs will fix a Vitamin D deficiency.

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