DEVELOPING! We Have Proof That Fraud Was Carried Out In Michigan Unemployment Agency! - Us Against Media

After uncovering the following information during my own in-depth independent research and writing multiple articles, I have uncovered Billions of dollars in fraud.  CIA involvement with a Multi-National Fraud Ring.  Multiple States Involvement (Michigan, California, Illinois and more) Foreign Interest like London England and Beijing China Possible CCP Involvement  Possible Crimes Carried OutContinue Reading

Deloitte Ripping Off Florida, Michigan And Other States! - Us Against Media

Don’t blame us for unemployment failures, Deloitte tells Florida senatorsThe vendor that launched Florida’s online unemployment system, which has failed continuously since its 2013 debut, says it’s not responsible for chronic breakdowns. In my previous barrage of articles, I highlight how Deloitte is nothing but a money laundering, fraud inhibiting,Continue Reading

Michigan House Oversight Committee - Unemployment Director Received $85,000 To Resign - Us Against Media

  We Demand The Truth!   The Michigan House Oversight Committee meets on Thursday 3/11/2021 at 10:30 AM  to go over possible fraud, and/or more crimes carried out by Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office along with the Michigan UIA / Unemployment Director who Received $85,000 to suspiciously resign.   Michigan’s former unemploymentContinue Reading

BREAKING! Exposing The Worlds Largest Fraud Ring - Deloitte Ripping Off The World! - Us Against Media

  In my previous article, BREAKING! Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Tied To Multi-National Fraud Ring  I uncovered how Deloitte was connected to the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency, as well as other states in order to not only construct the unemployment websites to send your personal data to London England asContinue Reading