Afghan Families Have Begun Invading West Michigan!

Invasion at the border, invasion at the airports, what’s next?  

So many levels of society have been crippled by the current Biden administration, and the corrupt establishment that is apparently  pulling the strings. 

Here are some of the levels that are being attacked.

  • Public School Districts (Mandates and CRT for children)
  • Economy (Prices have increased on everything!)
  • Religion (Arresting Clergy for having congregations open)
  • Society (Plandemic to keep us divided.  Vaxed vs Non-Vaxed)
  • Security ( DOJ instructing FBI to now label concerned parents as terrorist)

Now get ready for the invasion from Afghanistan! 


13 on your side reports:

“The first families arrived last weekend and arrivals will likely continue through the end of the year.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Families who fled Afghanistan started arriving in West Michigan this past weekend. They are being assisted by resettlement agencies like Bethany Christian Services and Samaritas. 

There are many other local agencies who will help them as they transition. 

“We are working closely along with the local resettlement agencies to be able to immediately serve the youngest Afghan arrivals that will be coming,” explained Matt.

“We will be helping families and students enroll in schools and helping the schools themselves be prepared to best serve the students in the classroom.”



Yes, Bethany Christian Services is at it again!   Making money hand over fist, only to sell your country away!  

We reported on and made a short documentary on Bethany Christian Services, facilitating the human trafficking efforts being carried out by Mexican Administration and the Biden Cartel.  

You can read more about that here:

BREAKING: Alma Refugee Camp Exposed! (VIDEO)

We also wanted to see first hand, the Mexican Cartel smuggling and trafficking people across the border and why they were not being stopped.  So we spent 4 days on the Texas / Mexican border documenting thousands of people crossing the border illegally.  On the second night, we witnessing Border Patrol Agents as well as the Texas Guard, helping facilitate the entire process. 

Texas / Mexico Border – Immigration Disaster – DAY 1

VIDEO: Day 2 – Texas / Mexico Border Chaos

The witnessing of this first hand is extremely surreal and has a lasting effect.  I often lay awake at night thinking about all levels of infiltration being carried out. I do get worried to the point that I cannot sleep. 

Will we as a country, every be able to recover from this?




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