JCAR Meeting To Change Rules on Signature Verification for Absentee Ballots

LANSING – Today, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) met to discuss rule changes suggested by the Michigan Secretary of State, to the voter verification process, specifically for signature verification for absentee ballots. JCAR 21-72 (MOAHR No. 2021-060 ST) Department of State, Bureau of Elections – Disqualification from Ballot BasedContinue Reading

VIDEO FOLLOW UP: Momma Bear Receives Felony Eavesdropping Charge from Son's School

CHEBOYGAN- A few months ago, we were contacted directly by attorney Daren Wiseley and his client, Erin Chaskey. Chaskey is a mother who has been scrutinized by her community for standing up against her son’s school, Onaway Area Community School District (OACSD). Chaskey was arrested for felony eavesdropping and her cellContinue Reading