VIDEO FOLLOW UP: Momma Bear Receives Felony Eavesdropping Charge from Son's School

CHEBOYGAN- A few months ago, we were contacted directly by attorney Daren Wiseley and his client, Erin Chaskey. Chaskey is a mother who has been scrutinized by her community for standing up against her son’s school, Onaway Area Community School District (OACSD).

Chaskey was arrested for felony eavesdropping and her cell phone was seized for recording a conversation she overheard in plain sight between Superintendent Fullerton and school board member, Michael Benson as she was at the school picking up an application to apply for school board member.  Fullerton and Benson were talking candidly and admitting to using other channels of communicating outside of the school email, specifically to avoid their correspondence being subjected Chaskey’s FOIA requests. The two also discussed how Chaskey was “furthering her agenda,” and “must get her information from TikTok.” The pair also discussed their wives stalking Chaskey’s Facebook posts, along with a slew of other derogatory remarks towards Chaskey. 

This was hurtful to Chaskey as she was very active with her son’s school, as she was a regular volunteer and help pack lunches for sports teams and attended all of their games. She had a great relationship with administration and staff, so she thought. 

The initial complaint refers to a FOIA request made by Chaskey last August in regard to Kymberli Wregglesworth, a teacher for Onaway High, who had made extremely inappropriate comments to students, such as “your white privilege is showing”.  Also referring to voting for certain political candidates, comparing to “like voting for Hitler”, and even bullying an autistic student in front of the classroom. You can read more here in our previous article.

Chaskey is suing the school district, the superintendent, a school board member, and the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Office (PICSO) for enforcing a no trespass order, which restricts her from school grounds, and for having her phone unlawfully taken by the Sheriff’s Office without probable cause. This means she can no longer drop her son off at school, can no longer volunteer, and cannot attend any home games her son participates in.

In our update, the judge did lift orders for Chaskey to be able to travel out of state, but still kept the school trespass against her to “see how this all plays out.” 

Watch the full interview below:



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  1. This stuff hasn’t become an issue until just recently. Makes one wonder what the Public Carnivores are really up to. The distance between the People and those holding public positions is becoming increasingly hostile, a symptom of yet another instance of progress towards a larger struggle=

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