JCAR Meeting To Change Rules on Signature Verification for Absentee Ballots

LANSING – Today, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) met to discuss rule changes suggested by the Michigan Secretary of State, to the voter verification process, specifically for signature verification for absentee ballots.

JCAR 21-72 (MOAHR No. 2021-060 ST) Department of State, Bureau of Elections – Disqualification from Ballot Based Upon Contents of Affidavit of Identity.

JCAR 21-73 (MOAHR No. 2021-061 ST) Department of State, Bureau of Elections – Signature Matching for Absent Voter Ballot Applications and Absent Voter Ballot Envelopes.

JCAR 21-74 (MOAHR No. 2021-062 ST) Department of State, Bureau of Elections – Online Absent Voter Ballot Application.


We got a chance to interview Adam de Angeli, President of Coalition to Rescue Michigan, who has done tremendous amounts of work, with numerous testimonies before legislative committees, as well as drafting 7 bills that are waiting to be heard by the House Elections and Ethics committee.


We were also able to speak with Patrice Johnson from Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections (PIME) in which we have personally witnessed her involvement with multiple testimonies given to the Michigan Legislature Committees. 



You can watch the entire meeting below:

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