LIVE NOW: Family Members Testify on Behalf of Loved Ones Lost in Nursing Facilities

LANSING- The Michigan House Oversight Committee hears testimony of family members that have lost loved ones in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Michigan House TV – House Committee 3 “You’ll never be able to quantify what has happened here.” Chair Steve Johnson replied after hearing testimony speaking of theirContinue Reading

Michigan Auditor General Reveals 30% More Nursing Home Deaths From COVID Lockdowns!

LANSING- Michigan State Representative Steve Johnson of Wayland has not given up his fight in finding out what happened with nursing home deaths related to COVID-19.  Johnson requested an investigation by the Auditor General and told Us Against Media that the report shows that there were 30% more nursing home deathsContinue Reading

A FOURTH Vaccine?

ISRAEL- Yep! You heard that right! The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced his “full approval” of a 4th vaccine doses for people over 60 and medical workers. According to The Times of Israel, Bennett defends the government’s handling of the current COVID-19 outbreak, in the face of criticism that the frequentlyContinue Reading

Michigan Restaurant Owner Takes Fight Against State to Appeals Court!

Holland, MI – Marlena Pavlos Hackney, who was unconstitutionally arrested for choosing to keep her restaurant open during the Covid 19 Lockdowns, will be seeking compensation for the $15,000 fine she was forced to pay to be released from jail.  Hackney’s attorney, Robert Baker said:   that she was victim of “governmentContinue Reading

School Vaccination Clinic Alert in Canton on Wednesday

CANTON- The Plymouth-Canton Schools will be holding a vaccination clinic at Canton High school this upcoming Wednesday, January 5th.  As we previously reported, the World Health Organization (WHO) states “When mandatory vaccination is established in relevant provisions in law, consent many not be required.” In a normal world, a parent wouldContinue Reading

Big Pharma Disguises COVID Vaccine as New "Anti-Tick Vaccine"

NEW HAVEN, Conn. ( – A vaccine for Lyme disease may soon provide groundbreaking protection against the tick-borne illness. Researchers from Yale University say the new formula is very similar to the vaccine for COVID-19 and successfully defended guinea pigs bitten by a Lyme-carrying tick. WoodTV Reports Instead of causingContinue Reading

Whitmer: I Back Biden Vaccine Mandate. Critics: That’s Another Flip-Flop

LANSING — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday defended her resistance to COVID-19 restrictions but praised President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, pretending the omicron variant will mean “tough” times. The state is preparing to comply with the federal vaccine or weekly testing mandate for large employers, which is “about savingContinue Reading