Michigan Auditor General Reveals 30% More Nursing Home Deaths From COVID Lockdowns!

LANSING- Michigan State Representative Steve Johnson of Wayland has not given up his fight in finding out what happened with nursing home deaths related to COVID-19. 

Johnson requested an investigation by the Auditor General and told Us Against Media that the report shows that there were 30% more nursing home deaths than what state officials have reported in the last year. 

“We want to know everyone’s numbers,” Johnson says while being interviewed. “The numbers are garbage, they were low. The agency knew that, and now they’re trying to deflect because they know their decisions cost people’s lives. And they need to be held accountable.”

We were told by a representative of Steve Johnson’s office that the Auditor General report will be released this upcoming Monday.

Here’s our video I had rolling while the MSM interviews the Representative. And this is what they did NOT report. THIS is why citizen journalism is so important.


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