LIVESTREAM: 2A Day Macomb County

Spend a day with 2A Patriot, meeting the public servants in Michigan and learn how YOU can protect your 2nd amendment rights! Master of Ceremonies is John Clore from Us Against Media. Speakers are Matt DePerno, Ryan Kelley, Ralph Rebandt, Bob Scott, Barb Zinner, Don Brown, Don Vansyckel and manyContinue Reading

President Trump Gives Financial Support To Michigan 1st Candidates

MICHIGAN – Two candidates running for Michigan state representative have not only received Trump endorsements, but have also received financial backing, to support their campaigning efforts.  Jon Rocha (R) who is running for Michigan state representative, District 78 had this to say: “I received an incredible letter from President TrumpContinue Reading

MI Gubernatorial Candidate's Twitter Removed

MICHIGAN- It was only a matter of time. Only days after Marjorie Taylor Green’s Twitter was permanently removed, the same happened to gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley. When will the tyrannical censorship madness stop with big tech?   Big tech claims these people are spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and the election, butContinue Reading

Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon Posts Reminder Video About Whitmer Insurrection!

Michigan – Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon has posted a video on Social Media that is getting a lot of attention!   The video shows how Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer led her own insurrection back in 2012 at the Michigan Capitol because Republican proposed a right to work law.   “Here’s a totally randomContinue Reading

Michigan Restaurant Owner Takes Fight Against State to Appeals Court!

Holland, MI – Marlena Pavlos Hackney, who was unconstitutionally arrested for choosing to keep her restaurant open during the Covid 19 Lockdowns, will be seeking compensation for the $15,000 fine she was forced to pay to be released from jail.  Hackney’s attorney, Robert Baker said:   that she was victim of “governmentContinue Reading

Hillsdale GOP Press Release

HILLSDALE- The American way of life is under threat despite the warnings coming from the original Patriots, our Founding Fathers. Not since JFK has the American way been under threat as it is today. 9/11, while tragic, led the way with degradation of our freedom. It was but a pinContinue Reading