BEWARE! We Have Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts) Amongst Us! THEY ARE DOXING YOU!





Ever hear of people terrorizing others by doxing them?  Jeopardizing employment for people by contacting employers with annoying constant phone calls and or emails?  How about a group of people that terrorizes family members to the point that could be considered cyber bullying?  What about when that same group makes a “target” physical address public for others to possibly harm?   

If you think that this couldn’t possibly happen in a free America with Law and Order, then you are sadly mistaken because it is happening right now! 

Welcome to Doxing and CaNcEl CuLtUrE!

Michigan Tea is such a group that takes it upon themselves to put on their daily brownshirt, strap on the Social-Reform T arm band with swastika similarities, and target people. 

In the following Twitter thread, we can see how they are listing people to specifically target with doxing threat tactics

At the top of the list, you can see Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock and wife Meshawn Maddock. 



Maybe this is something the FBI and Michigan State Police can look into. 

I am sure that threatening a public official is against the law right? 

Search Engines Are Amazing! 

2018 Senate Bill 973: Expand law banning harassment of public officials

Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R) on May 3, 2018
To expand the scope of a law that makes it a crime to obstruct or threaten a police officer or other public official in the discharge of his or her official duties with conduct calculated to harass, harm or intimidate. Among other things the bill would specify that this offense includes disseminating through social media or other means personal information about the person or an immediate family member in an intimidating, threatening, or harmful manner (“doxing”).

Here we have located the social media pages ran by Michigan Tea



Twitter Page

And on Facebook


Patriots and Conservatives we must be smart and look over our shoulder.  Be weary of our neighbors and cautious of our friends. America has changed and the media is the tool that is being used to divide us.  Creating division, hate, racism and fear. We must be aware and alert.




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