VIDEO: COVIDMAN Goes To Old Town Liberal Lansing Michigan To Enforce 3 Masks! - Us Against Media




COVIDMAN Save Old Town Lansing by going store to store and mandating the CNN 3 MASK MANDATE!  

Just because Joe Biden stole the election, does not mean COVID is no longer a threat!  IT IS REAL!  And we need to ensure that the ones who were enforcing the Covid Restrictions during the 2020 Presidential Elections continue with the trend of SAFETY BEFORE  LIBERTY!

See COVIDMAN Give A Special Message Directly to Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer! 

COVIDMAN wants to see everybody safe social distancing and wearing 3 masks!  He was very disappointed to see so many elderly in a liberal left community who had no regard for COVID Safety in Old Town!

If COVIDMAN had to give Old Town a COVID GRADE, the grade would be an F for failure to adhere to the COVID Safety Rules! 

Or maybe an INCOMPLETE because COVIDMAN sees that people are not taking the COVID SCARE TACTICTS seriously enough to continue the propaganda. 


COVIDMAN will be watching and will make you pay for putting others at risk!  Remember, it’s not about YOU!  It’s about everybody else!  YOU REALLY DONT MATTER MUCH!

Now Watch COVIDMAN in Old Town Liberal Lansing!



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