Dr. Fauci Says “It’s Possible” Americans Will Still be Wearing Face Masks in 2022 (VIDEO)




15 days to slow the spread of Covid has turned into a never ending lockdown and power grab for Fauci and the Democrats.

Dr. Fauci told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday that “it’s possible” that Americans will still be wearing masks in 2022.

The majority of Americans will be vaccinated by 2022 but the tyrants want endless mask mandates.

Dana Bash asked Fauci, “What does normal mean? Do you think Americans will still be wearing masks for example in 2022?”

Fauci replied, “You know, I think it is possible that’s the case. And, again, it really depends what you mean by normality.”

Fauci doesn’t want life to go back to ‘normal’ because that would be the end of his daily appearances on TV.

Fauci loves being on TV and telling Americans what they can and cannot do so for Covid to be a thing of the past would mean less of Fauci’s mug on TV.



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