Grand Ledge School Board President FLAT OUT LIES to Media

GRAND LEDGE-  An article posted this week by WILX News 10 (cover photo credit) in Lansing shows an interview with the President of the Grand Ledge Public School Board, Sara Clark Pierson. 

Pierson states in a Zoom interview (as she’s masked up in her own home) how the school board meeting from June 14th was a “mini January 6th” insurrection. I’m sure glad she’s being safe.

UAM was requested by concerned parents to film these meetings as the school board failed in the past to document or have made claims of “technical difficulties” in filming meeting and posting them to the minutes. FOIA requests were made and previous videos were not made available. 

I watched the WILX Lansing News 10 interview with Pierson. She is blatantly lying and claiming on the record that:
  •  Parents “stormed the stage.” FACT: The board walked off the stage on their own merit. One person, John Clore suggested that people go up and take their seats since they were abandoned, which is entirely legal. When Pierson heard this being said, she came back and called for an adjournment. No one approached the stage whatsoever other than board members.
  •  Compared this to the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol and claimed this was their own January 6th.
  • That people “ran the stage with their fists up.” This did not happen, I have the meetings on film. Links are below.
  • Parents “screamed 3-4 inches in their faces as we walk to our cars.” This is not true. Parents maintained the 6 feet social distancing in order to keep the board members safe.

The police footage accompanying parents in the video is also very misleading, as this was not at Grand Ledge Public Schools to further amp up their story.

Pierson did not only lie in her interview, but her and the board have lied to and bullied parents in previous meetings. In one video a board member, Nicole Shannon was continually was rolling her eyes at parents throughout the entire board meeting. Unfortunately, Shannon (pictured below) is a newly elected school board member and cannot be recalled at this time. 
As you can see, we attended every school board meeting Grand Ledge had over this past summer. Videos don’t lie, watch for yourself:
Watch as concerned parents confront school board member about the lies being told to media!

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