LIVESTREAM: MI State Board of Canvassers Hearing!

LANSING- The Board of State Canvassers will be meeting today, October 26th at 9am to discuss elections. They will be discussing Michigan being able to submit a popular vote. See the following on their agenda:

  • Consideration of the 100-word summary of purpose of the initiative petition submitted by Yes on National Popular Vote. The summary of purpose as drafted by the Director of Elections is as follows: Initiation of legislation to: declare Michigan’s public policy is that the one-person, one-vote principle requires that the candidate who receives the most votes nationwide should become president; enter Michigan into a national popular vote agreement, effective when adopted by states which combined have over half the electoral college votes for president, requiring each member state give its electoral college votes to the candidate getting the most votes nationwide; require the Michigan Secretary of State determine the national popular vote winner by adding vote totals in all states; require Michigan’s electoral college voters be supporters of the national popular vote winner.

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