Michigan Mainstream Media Desperately Pushes More Covid Fear!

Michigan- With winter almost here, it is a fact that people will start to get a winter cold / flu.  This is a fact that we have lived with our entire lives, and nothing will change this. But now, the mainstream media in Michigan has somehow forgotten that a flu or cold exists.  Conveniently for the fear mongering media, Covid has taken over!  

Detroit Free Press Reports:
“Get a COVID vaccine booster, doctors say, as delta spread ratchets up in Michigan”

mLive Reports:
“666 infected across 104 new coronavirus outbreaks at Michigan schools”

A4 Reports:
“University of Michigan reports ‘significant rise’ in student COVID cases”

With failing to scare people into injecting an experimental vaccine, the media is desperately trying to pump more fear, in order to get more vaccinated. 

Total doses given 11.8M
People fully vaccinated 5.38M
% fully vaccinated 53.8%



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