Why is Mainstream Media Refusing to Look into Deloitte Further, with Michigan UIA?

MICHIGAN – 8.5 Billion in fraudulent unemployment benefits paid by UIA, seems to be the main headline buzzing on news feeds. 

Some news reports mention Deloitte, one of the big 4 auditing firms that conducted the audit to locate and determine if claims were fraudulent within the UIA, or the MiWAM system. 

But who is Deloitte?  Why was Deloitte selected?  And how credible is Deloitte?  

With so many inconsistencies, it got my intuition into further investigating as to who was determining these claims to be fraudulent and why?

As we wrote about before:

BREAKING! Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Tied To Multinational Fraud Ring



After uncovering the following information during my own independent research and writing this article, I have uncovered

  • Billions of dollars in fraud. 

  • CIA involvement with a Multinational Fraud Ring. 

  • Multiple States Involvement (Michigan, California, Illinois and more)

  • Foreign Interest like London England and Beijing China

  • Possible CCP Involvement 

  • Possible Crimes Carried Out By Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Office


After doing a simple Google Search for Michigan Unemployment Kickbacks to see if anyone reported that somebody was getting bonuses for approval of Michigan Unemployment Claims, and who was profiting on ordering the redetermination of cases that were sending money back to Michigan?  It seemed like a double dipping method to me.   

I stumbled across this letter from the
Department Of Labor And Economic Opportunity 
Ms. Tricia L. Foster
Office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Second paragraph, First sentence I read;


“In An Effort To Be An Effective Steward Of Public Funds, The Department Of Labor And Economic Opportunity Used A Competitive Procurement Process To Select Deloitte To Lead A Cybersecurity And Forensics Assessment And A Review Of The Agency’s Technical Program Management Efforts To Balance Expedient Payment With Program Integrity.”

Here we see that Michigan has chosen Deloitte to handle audits on the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) claims, to determine if any were fraudulent or not.

So who is Deloitte?  

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited /dəˈlɔɪt ˈtʃ tˈmɑːts/, commonly referred to as Deloitte, is an Anglo-American multinational professional services network.[7] Deloitte is one of the Big Four accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, with headquarters in London, England.[8]

Source Wikipedia

So here we see that Deloitte’s headquarters is located in London, England! 

WOW! So now we have a foreign countries involvement with Michigan Financial Affairs? 

Where else is Deloitte? 


View map

12/F, China Life Financial Center
No. 23, Zhenzhi Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing
Beijing, 100026

Phone:  + 86 (10) 8520 7788
Fax:  + 86 (10) 8518 1218



View map

20/F Tower 3
HC International Plaza
No. 109 Furong Road North
Kaifu District
Changsha, 410008

Phone:  +86 (731) 8522 8790
Fax:  +86 (731) 8522 8230



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China Overseas International Center Block F,
No. 365 Jiaozi Avenue,
High-tech District
Chengdu, 610041

Phone:  +86 (28) 6789 8188
Fax:  +86 (28) 6317 3500



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43/F World Financial Center
8 Corporate Avenue
188 Minzu Road
Yuzhong District
Chongqing, 400010

Phone:  +86 (23) 8823 1888
Fax:  +86 (23) 8857 0978



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15/F Senmao Building
147 Zhongshan Road
Dalian, 116011

Phone:  + 86 (411) 8371 2888
Fax:  + 86 (411) 8360 3297



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26/F Yuexiu Financial Tower
28 Pearl River East Road
Guangzhou, 510623

Phone:  + 86 (20) 8396 9228
Fax:  + 86 (20) 3888 0121



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Room 1206-1210,
East Building, Central Plaza
No.9 Feiyunjiang Road
Shangcheng District
Hangzhou, 310008

Phone:  + 86 (571) 8972 7688
Fax:  + 86 (571) 8779 7915



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Room 1618,
Development Zone Mansion
368 Changjiang Road
Nangang District
Harbin, 150090

Phone:  +86 (451) 8586 0060
Fax:  +86 (451) 8586 0056



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Room 1201, Tower A, Hua Bang ICC Building
No.190 Qian Shan Road
Government and Cultural New Development District
Hefei, 230601

Phone:  +86 (551) 6585 5927
Fax:  +86 (551) 6585 5687


Hong Kong

View map

35/F One Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Hong Kong, PRC

Phone:  + (852) 2852 1600
Fax:  + (852) 2541 1911



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Units 2802, 2803 & 2804
28/F, China Overseas Plaza Office
No. 6636, 2nd Ring South Road
Shizhong District
Jinan, 250000

Phone:  +86 (531) 8973 5800
Fax:  +86 (531) 8973 5811



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19/F The Macau Square Apartment H-N
43-53A Av. do Infante D. Henrique
Macau, PRC

Phone:  + (853) 2871 2998
Fax:  + (853) 2871 3033



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40/F, Nanjing One IFC
347 Jiang Dong Middle Road
Jian Ye District
Nanjing, 210019

Phone:  + 86 (25) 5790 8880
Fax:  + 86 (25) 8691 8776



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Room 1702 Marriott Center
No.168 Heyi Road
Haishu District
Ningbo, 315000

Phone:  + 86 (574) 8768 3928
Fax:  + 86 (574) 8707 4131



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16/F LanHai Plaza
(Sanya Huaxia Insurance Center)
No. 279, Xinfeng street
Jiyang District
Sanya, 572099

Phone:  +86 (898) 8861 5558
Fax:  +86 (898) 8861 0723



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30/F Bund Center
222 Yan An Road East
Shanghai, 200002

Phone:  + 86 (21) 6141 8888
Fax:  + 86 (21) 6335 0003



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Unit 3605-3606, Forum 66 Office Tower 1
No. 1-1 Qingnian Avenue
Shenhe District
Shenyang, PRC

Phone:  + 86 (024) 6785 4068
Fax:  + 86 (024) 6785 4067



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9/F China Resources Building
5001 Shennan Road East
Shenzhen, 518010

Phone:  + 86 (755) 8246 3255
Fax:  + 86 (755) 8246 3186



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23/F, Building 1, Global Wealth Square
88 Su Hui Road, Industrial Park
Suzhou, 215021

Phone:  + 86 (512) 6289 1238
Fax:  + 86 (512) 6762 3338 / 6762 3318



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45/F Metropolitan Tower
183 Nanjing Road
Heping District
Tianjin, 300051

Phone:  + 86 (22) 2320 6688
Fax:  + 86 (22) 8312 6099



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Room 4901, 49/F
New World International Trade Tower I
568 Jianshe Avenue
Wuhan, 430000

Phone:  +86 (27) 8526 6618
Fax:  +86 (27) 8526 7032



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Unit E, 26/F International Plaza
8 Lujiang Road, Siming District
Xiamen, 361001

Phone:  +86 (592) 2107 298
Fax:  +86 (592) 2107 259



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Room 5104A, 51F Block A, Greenland Center
9 Jinye Road, High-tech Zone
Xi’an, 710065

Phone:  +86 (29) 8114 0201
Fax:  +86 (29) 8114 0205



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5A/F Tower 8, Kineer Center
No. 51, Jinshui Road East
Zhengzhou, 450046


Source Deloitte.com


So now we have possible CCP involvement (24 Offices in CHINA) as well as British involvement (Headquartered in London, England) with Michigan Financial Affairs!

Is Deloitte A Good Choice?

This keeps getting better and better!  So now, I wonder how many times Deloitte was involved with fraud?  Another Google search shows me, A SHIT TON! 
See Google Results Here

Most recent dated March 3, 2021 is about Deloitte settles out of court with Malaysia for $80 Million:

Malaysia In 2019 Imposed The Maximum Fine On Deloitte PLT For Breaches Related To A Bond Issuance By 1MDB, Becoming The First Auditor Of The Scandal-Ridden Fund To Face Penalties. The Fund Was Started To Lure Investments To The Country, But Instead Became The Center Of Worldwide Probes Into Possible Corruption And Money Laundering.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Last Year Admitted Its Role In The Biggest Foreign Bribery Case In U.S. Enforcement History, Reaching Multiple International Settlements In The Billions Of Dollars To End Probes Into Its Fundraising For 1MDB.


Source Bloomberg.com

Furthermore, we see more and more fraud surrounding Deloitte!  One website POGO Project Of Government Oversight has 25 Instances of Misconduct since 1995 up to 9/17/2020.  This would mean there are pending misconduct cases to add to this list including the one mentioned above connected to Malaysia.  

Total Settlement Payouts: $706,673,674

Why Deloitte?

So why has the State of Michigan decided to contract such an outstanding, reputable foreign based company to handle its financial affairs?

Well, what better way to clean up fraud, then to have a company that pretends to detect fraud, Conduct More Fraud , (COOK THE BOOKS) to help clean up and carry out more fraud?

We see that Deloitte has a history of Book Cooking with falsifying audits here: 

How Deloitte masked scandals in business and politics

Source Canadian National Observer


Seems Deloitte has had issues with mal-practice auditing in Michigan before!

Source: casmine.com

How Many States Have Fallen Victim?

So, Michigan is not the only state that Deloitte has managed to sink their teeth in! Other states like California, Illinois and Colorado.  Not only has Deloitte mishandled claims and audits, but Deloitte has managed to win contracts in order to develop the entire internet infrastructure for states involving unemployment.  This means, states that have contracted Deloitte to produce websites to handle unemployment claims, are more than likely sending your personal data over to London and Beijing! 

Source Consulting.us


Taking Apart Deloitte…

How deep is the rabbit hole?  Upon further research, I found that Deloitte obtained the ability to conduct audits after acquiring Arthur Andersen 



In 2002, Arthur Andersen‘s UK practice, the firm’s largest practice outside the US, agreed to merge with Deloitte’s UK practice. Andersen’s practices in Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil and Canada also agreed to merge with Deloitte.[10][27] The spinoff of Deloitte France’s consulting division led to the creation of Ineum Consulting.[28]

Source Wikipedia

Who is Arthur Andersen? 

Enron scandal

Following the 2001 scandal in which energy giant Enron was found to have reported $100bn in revenue through institutional and systematic accounting fraud, Andersen’s performance and alleged complicity as an auditor came under intense scrutiny. The Powers Committee (appointed by Enron’s board to look into the firm’s accounting in October 2001) came to the following assessment: “The evidence available to us suggests that Andersen did not fulfill its professional responsibilities in connection with its audits of Enron’s financial statements, or its obligation to bring to the attention of Enron’s Board (or the Audit and Compliance Committee) concerns about Enron’s internal contracts over the related-party transactions”.[13]

 Wow, so Enron ring a bell anybody?  Best way to keep your fraudulent business going is to repackage it with a new brand like Deloitte I guess… 


Who else is involved with Deloitte?

Well, the CIA Central Intelligence Agency is!


In 2007, Deloitte Began Hiring Former Employees Of The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) For Their Competitive Intelligence Unit Known As Deloitte Intelligence.[30]

Source Wikipedia

 It’s A Story That Goes Back A Decade, And Has Never Before Been Told Publicly. It Involves Several Veteran CIA Officers, An Undercover Mission And A Huge Haul Of Extremely Valuable Intelligence.


Source CNBC


How did this happen and who do we hold Accountable? 

On the state level, I say  the person(s) who contracted Deloitte to conduct audits and control Michigan’s Unemployment system. Ms. Tricia L Foster, as well as Governor Gretchen Whitmer for overseeing and allowing this monstrosity to occur. 

So, after uncovering Billions in Fraud on a Multi-State, Multi-National level that involves the C.I.A., as well as the Governor and other local officials for the state I live in, should I be in fear for my well being? People have disappeared for a lot less…

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