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A local hospital in Southeast Michigan has decided to change their visitation guidelines to allow visitors to visit love ones and friends.
Beaumont of Royal Oak started the guidelines on Wednesday to require visitors of admitted patients to show proof of vaccinations.
According to the guidelines, visitors must finish their vaccination schedule and be 14 days past their final dose. Visitors must provide an official CDC vaccination card and photo ID.

Predictive programming from dystopian literature and movies has entertained the notion that these vaccination cards in the distant future, can be used for identification purposes to acquire services, buy goods, attend sporting events, to vote and refuse services to anyone refusing or not keeping current on their vaccinations. 

Now a Georgia law demands voters provide identification to vote. Liberals and fortune 500 companies are threatening boycotts and virtue signal with degrading talking points, that black people need easier access to vote, their race are not smart enough to obtain identification cards and asking them to identify themselves is RACIST!!!

The Biden administration is now allowing border officials to move forward with a request to fly migrant children and families to states along the Canadian border due to a shortage of federal facilities on the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Fortune 500 companies must decry, make a statement that Beaumont Health System must show their solidarity to BiPoC and Migrant communities to make access to visiting patients easier or pull its support for the Hospital. To demand vaccine documentation with a current photo ID is burdensome and racist. 
Last Spring we heard the slogan, “We are ALL in this TOGETHER!” It was a warning to those who had discernment to realize it was the Medical technocrats setting us up for complete and total takeover of our bodies and society.

Whether your Democrat, Republican, don’t be surprised a grocery store greeter, event security or poll worker demanding that you be up-to-date on your vaccinations to or be detained by a Health Directors order for being a menace and danger to the public health.

If we don’t push back TOGETHER!
We’re ALL going into tyranny TOGETHER.

Written by Celeste Mentag

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